1. palafr01

    Conifer Division: Palafr01's Dawn Redwoods (2021 shohin contest)

    While perusing the Bnut website one night, I stumbled upon the 2021 shohin contest thread and became so inspired by all the different contest entries that I decided to have a go at it myself. Coincidentally I had happened to have started some dawn redwoods from seed last year from cones that I...
  2. LeoMame

    Broadleaf division - Leo's Prunus Mume 'albaplena'

    Hi all, I'd love to sign up for the contest with this cutting of Prunus Mume. I purchsed it for 7.99 Euros few months ago (possibly May?). It's just been potted from a plastic container into this clay one, hasn't received any style whatsoever, yet.
  3. ConorDash

    Proposal: CE Mallsai / Cheap as chips Contest

    Purpose of this thread is simply to see if anyone is interested. I'm not one for contests, and I've never taken part in one but me and Bobby were talking and its clear that good things can be done with very cheap basic material, for some length of time. Also I am sure that a contest has been...
  4. Clicio

    Showing off - not trees, but big egos

    In a traditional bonsai show at the Botanical Garden in Sao Paulo there is this annual contest. 10 to 12 bonsai stylists are given very similar trees, Junipers or pines, to evaluate, chop, prune, wire and repot in 3 hours. Then the judges choose the best work overall and an award is given. Well...
  5. defra

    Mame contest end of part two

    Mame contest part two: prepare the tree and get it in the mame sized pot. 1 year and 3 months (20-08-2017 -- 20-11-2018) ---------------------------- This thread is to post updates on all contending mame tree's to prove that the tree's realy are in their mame pots that fit withiin the pot...
  6. dirk hoorelbeke

    Dirk Hoorelbeke 6y JBP entry

    Ordered seeds from "Les Semences du Puy" just like in 2015. Order Date: November 20, 2017 3 times 5g for me (+-840 seeds) 2 times 5g for Defra (+-560 seeds). We will meet at Noelanders in februari.
  7. parhamr

    parhamr contest entry thread

    Please keep posts in this thread to a minimum so it’s concise and clear. Purchase 1: “2,000 Pinus Thunbergii Seeds (Pinus Thunbergiana, Japanese Black Pine Seeds) 2000 Pinus Thunbergii B28 SAC” from (2017-11-03) I’ve never purchased from this vendor before...
  8. defra

    Winter games entry thread

    Winter games 2017 anyone can join ! This contest is all about improveing a tree or create something completely new and get the best results, share the progression on why and how where we all are able to learn from! Another excuse to buy something But most of all having fun! this contest...
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