1. BobbyLane

    American Elm video

    This one definitely deserves its own thread! Love the work Arthur Joura did on this American elm, its so typical of the Oak trees we see here in the forests and parks. some of you may remember his posts from the old IBC forum, he does great work making trees look like real trees.
  2. Y

    Maple Beginner Tree

    Hello all, I was recently gifted this Maple from a friend who collected it from his property. It appeared to be dying and it was brought back to health in a pot. The top part looks to be dead wood with new growth towards the bottom. I would love to know when is the best time and place to chop...
  3. Maloghurst

    Hawthorn finally flowering!

    This is a nursery tree I’ve had for 3-4 years. Flaws, yes. Many years to go. But unexpectedly produced beautiful flowers this year. So exciting!
  4. L

    Lorax7 Lilac #1 progression

    Nursery stock, 2017: Repotted, 2017: Here it is in spring 2022:
  5. Scrogdor

    European Hornbeam direction help

    Got this back in July and finally got a good look at its branch structure. It’s about 27” tall and 1 1/4th” thick. I’m either thinking about air layering below that curve, or just growing it in this 5 gal container for a few more years and letting the trunk thicken up. Curious on...
  6. F

    Dawn Redwood damage.

    I have three young Dawn Redwood trees planted this year. During a storm last night my miniature greenhouse got knocked over and the three trees took some severe damage. I’ve repotted all three and am ready to put them back outside but which each losing at least one of it’s branches is there any...
  7. Bonsai Orange County

    New Japanese Maple potting Question

    Hi All. First, I’d like to take a moment to say how appreciative I am to be a part of the bonsa community. Although new to it I’ve learned SO much from reading this forum and loved every minute of it. This is my first post so thanks in advance for any/all responses. Since I’m new to bonsai, I...
  8. J

    Willow me timbers.

    I had some willow branches blow down in a storm and i tossed some cuttings in dirt with root hormone. They are pushing new growth after a week! I am amazed. These are going to be cool trees. The bigger one is about 3 inches across so I am excited about the size on that one.
  9. veles616

    Last year air layering

    Last year I tried airlayering some trees and the biggest branch that made it was one from my salix caprea, I left it alone to recover till this year. The main thing I'm learning right now is patience which I have none. There are a ton of mistakes in this picture and I'm asking you for you...
  10. ScottNYC

    Can it be salvaged?

    Hello, I Have a Korean hornbeam, I suspect the roots have dried out, was neglected over the winter, not watered regularly. I repotted the tree and am seeing some spring growth, some leaves have budded sporadically through-out the tree. Does that mean the tree is still alive or able to be...
  11. Deep Sea Diver

    Rookies sorting out roots Ebihara don’t look!

    We got tired of our fledgling maples etc tossing out roots wherever and decided to see what could be done. 29 trees later we think we’ve got the basics. Now we are only hoping these lil guys will take the pummeling they received! Here’s just a few shots of the trees. Not necessarily the...
  12. Bonsai Noodles

    Has anyone had long-term success with wintering in a refrigerator?

    This thread on refrigerator overwintering really piqued my interest: I'm currently in Minnesota cold and plan to use an unheated garage to keep trees from dying in the crazy-cold weathers. Seems doable, and I've had success with...
  13. BonsaiDTLA

    Healed scars or wounds on Deciduous

    For many folks, it is prized to have a scar free trunk and seems that time will help blend wounds that have fully closed. In my search to see results after some time has passed, I couldn't find a thread or much record on this other than a couple posts here and there. Given how often we...
  14. Rivian

    Carpinus koreana - Carpinus turczaninowii

    I have seen multiple websites claim theyre the same, and Ive seen multiple websites claim theyre different and also sell them separately. What gives? Also believe Ive seen it spelled "coreana". Need expert advice.
  15. Rivian

    Need help identifying a tree by its leaves

    I found a few small deciduous trees with alternating nodes in the forest, and I dont know what it is but would like to find out more and check if its suitable for bonsai. This is what the leaves look like from above and below. I didnt have my phone with me so I just took a leaf, thats all the...
  16. Yugen

    Potentilla work showcase

    Hey tree fam! I'd like to show you my potentilla. This is one years growth and trim. She's still recovering from a savage rabbit assault from last year but she's strong and resilient. 9 years old. Potentilla make for great bonsai! They are an alpine shrub that is cytokinin dominant. They...
  17. nmilewski

    Nmilewski's "Azalea 2020-2025" entry

    Hey all! First time contest for me and another entry for the great North American deciduous Azalea experiment. This is an azalea 'fireball'. An exbury hybrid I got from a nursery. Trying to sort out if I need to gradually reduce down or if I can hard chop. Thinking the base has good potential...
  18. Storm87

    Any experience using 'sweating techniques' indoors for i.a. Hawthorns?

    Hi all, Yesterday I collected a Hawthorn (picture will follow). Anyone has experience with the so called 'sweating technique' (by Tony Tickle) used indoors? Why I ask? I like to try it, however there will be only rain en clouds the coming weeks and sun is required to my understanding to heat...
  19. I


    So I cheated, I didn’t make this, I bought it. Also, it came from zone 6 or 7, so it might even wake up in my brutal winter (it seriously is brutal, too hot to go without AC but not hot enough to justify turning it on). Anyways, I think I wanna raise it 2 or 3mm to expose some roots. It’s...
  20. Sir_Nixon

    Advice for Vine Maple (Acer Circinatum)

    Hello, This is my first year as a bonsai enthusiast and the proud owner of some very cool and fun specimens. I have recently acquired a 40 year old Vine maple (Acer Circinatum) that I have some questions about the pruning and development of. The previous owner has left the branches to become...
  21. Gsquared

    Pretty little zelkova

    This little zelkova was a volunteer growing in a median. This baby looks to be about 2 years old. The roots were decent, and distributed somewhat evenly. What appealed was the nice straight trunk and the graceful flare at the base. It is about 1.5” at the base and 3/4” a few inches up the trunk...
  22. NaturalArt

    Chinese elm (Ulmus parviflora) - Styling advice

    My local nursery was having a 30% off sale on their pre-bonsai so of course I had to check it out. I found this ugly little Chinese elm (that was mislabeled as "Chinese Zelkvoka sp.") and was hoping to see what you guys though could be done with it. I picked it out because of the awesome thick...
  23. Aiki_Joker

    Spirea - repot now (end October) and cut back? Scotland UK

    I see there are quite a few threads here on spirea. This landscape potted specimen has been neglected in this shallow pot probably more than 4 years without repotting and was to be chucked out. I figured I'd take it. Its just lost all of its beautiful red autumn leaves. Not much foliage or...
  24. Powerful Carpinus

    Powerful Carpinus

    Powerful Nebari
  25. Hornbeam Hollow Trunk

    Hornbeam Hollow Trunk

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