1. proninyaroslav

    Virus on Elm?

    It all started with the fact that in the spring some of the growing points dried out, and the leaves began to turn yellow at the ends of the branches (and not vice versa). I treated it with fungicides and it helped, the leaf fall stopped (my tree history...
  2. proninyaroslav

    Some growing tips have dry out and leaves are deformed on Elm

    About a week ago I noticed that some of the growing tips had become sluggish and dried out (about 25% or less). I thought it was after applying the fertilizer, maybe I forgot to water the dry soil before (I noticed this the next day after applying the fertilizer). After a week, there are...
  3. SmallTreeGuy

    Will this Elm Air Layer up high?

    I have been eyeing a specific branch on one of my large Elm trees for a couple of years and luckily it is above my studio so I can reach it with a ladder. When spring comes around, I’m planning on air layering it to get a pretty substantial trunk with some interesting movement. Attached is the...
  4. Bailey

    Hokkaido - What's life without a little challenge?

    So far I have killed every Seiju and Hokkaido I have gotten in relatively short order. But I keep trying and learning each time. They cannot stand drying out, need to be close to a light source without being burned, and they hate my cold winter's despite being cold hardy. The latest one I have...
  5. glass_shark

    Seedling winterizing question

    Hey folks, I have this pot that I threw a bunch of seeds into, not thinking I would have this much success. Now, I have 4 different kinds of plants in one pot, which is fun, but I'm worried about their winter survivability. I have a silk tree which is the tallest one, that one had taken some...
  6. martian_turf

    corkbark elm - advice on care, thoughts on styling

    i bought this cork elm from meehan's in what i admit was a bit of an impulse buy (i will also admit i'm a relative beginner at bonsai). that said, i see a lot of potential in this because of the trunk. i 1) have two visions for that potential and 2) really don't want to accidentally kill this...
  7. R

    Elm Trunk Scarring?

    Hey everyone! I got this Chinese Elm at Lowes over the summer. At the base there seems to be this strange scarring going on. Any idea what caused this? Will this eventually heal over?
  8. DraytonSawyer

    help with Chinese Elm peeling bark

    Hoping I can get a few pairs of extra eyes on what I thought was just normal bark cracking/peeling for one of my elms. The more it progressesn, the more I start to doubt it's normal and all is well. The tree is very healthy otherwise. Thanks in advance!
  9. T

    Cutting off branches and start over

    Hello. Im new here. I have three wonderful chinese elms i bought this year. Although they are relatively pretty i thought about cutting off most of the tertiary and secodary branches and start the ramifiction all over (im all about winter silhouette), as most of it is just a thick main branch...
  10. Clicio

    Air layering Corkbark Elm suggestions.

    This Corkbark Elm is too tall and straight, so I have been wondering what to do. 1- chop it down. 2 - air layer it. 3 - making it a weeping elm. My preference is to air layer it (on the green line), and after cutting the layer chop it down to the first branchlet (blue line). But... Suggestions...
  11. M

    Chinese Elm has buds but no leaves

    Hey all, I had my first attempt at overwintering a chinese elm "outdoors" (just not in a heated house) in an unheated garage. This spring, it seemed to wake up somewhat and has buds on many branches but still no leaves as of yet. I fear that it may be dead. Does anyone else have any rough idea...
  12. Hartinez

    Ulmus Parvifolia ‘corticosa’

    Picked this tree up August 2020 from Evergreen gardenworks as a bday present to….myself. I also purchased a seijen and a Yatsubusa. My aggressive repot killed the seijen, but the Yatsubusa and this Corricosa are in great health and progressing right along. In spring 2021 The Yatsubusa I cut...
  13. proninyaroslav

    What is the best season to chop the Elm trunk?

    This small-leaved Elm has an interesting history, the main part of the trunk died after air layering (I wanted to improve the nebari) and I had to grow the trunk continuation for several years. Now it has almost reached the thickness that I would like (diameter about 2.5-3 cm), but in the spring...
  14. Chris_HTC

    Root Over Petrified Rock

    I’ve read a lot on here about people asking about doing a root over rock with petrified wood. I planted this Elm 3 years ago and here’s the progress. Just transplanted it today.
  15. szelelaci

    Ulmus × hollandica ‘Jacqueline Hillier’

    I have this little J. H. elm. The goal is a 25cm high tree with round canopy. I've been working on it since 2019. Had to remove a few big branches since then. Carved the biggest scar and scoring the others every spring. They are healing quite well, but considering hollowing out the 2nd biggest...
  16. SmallTreeGuy

    Elm collection. Root pruning necessary a few seasons ahead?

    Hello, all! On Thanksgiving day at my parents’ place we went for a walk through their woods and I saw this curved elm amidst the forest of straight trunks. I love the sweeping curve so I am considering it for collection. Now onto the questions lol. Should I root prune some and wait a couple...
  17. 2019-03-21_08-10-54.jpg


    Chinese Elm
  18. Lawrencek

    What would you do to this Chinese elm to make it better?

    So we've had this indoor Chinese elm young bonsai now for about 2ish years (idk the actual age of it I think it's like 7 years old) and repotted it about 4/5 months ago for first time. I like it but would like it to be more 'impressive' I don't want to necessarily make it bigger but I really...
  19. 20191118_171818 (1).jpg

    20191118_171818 (1).jpg

  20. Apex37

    Texas Cedar Elm #1

    I picked this up from a workshop for $45. Thought it was a decent deal. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to work on the tree and so I’m working on my first trimming. There’s a couple shoots I’m not sure what to do with. Here’s the front: The first branch in question...
  21. Rivian

    Not sure about Jacq. Hillier

    I have 15 of these from cuttings last year. They grow pretty well. Some spider mites on them, I think. ~20cm plants Bushy, dense habit. If I had larger somewhat finished trees of other species, I think a few of these might make for good shrubs in a penjing style, being kept small. I cant decide...
  22. Backwardsvg

    Help identify please!

    I have no idea what this is. Leaves haven’t popped yet. Slippery elm maybe? Anyone have any experience with it? it got torn out of my parents yard so I’m trying to nurse it back to health. Yes I know the soil isn’t ideal etc. I’m keeping it in its soil it was in and just added a bit on top to...
  23. G

    Is my elm in good health?

    This elm has been re-potted in February, gets direct sun from 8am~11am, watered when on the soil is slightly dry, got biogold fertilizer too on the chopsticks. Did a small chop but going to let it grow free for a while to let it be strong. Leaves seem to be curling a bit and getting...
  24. Fishtank307

    Triple trunk field elm from cuttings

    Hi! I wanted to share this little project I've been working on the past 3 years. In the fall of 2019 I took a bunch of cuttings from a field elm. The following year I made 2 clump-style plantings. One multi-trunk planting (of which only 3 survived...) and one triple trunk planting. The process...
  25. Rivian

    Tibetan Elm / Ulmus microcarpa

    I was just wondering what peoples thoughts are on this species. I have one, also rooted some cuttings last year and since I cant fieldgrow right now, they grow faster than I know what to do with. Ive not much dealt with Field Elm but the leaves of the Tibetan Elm are similar I think, theyre not...
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