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    Chinese Elm
  2. Lawrencek

    What would you do to this Chinese elm to make it better?

    So we've had this indoor Chinese elm young bonsai now for about 2ish years (idk the actual age of it I think it's like 7 years old) and repotted it about 4/5 months ago for first time. I like it but would like it to be more 'impressive' I don't want to necessarily make it bigger but I really...
  3. 20191118_171818 (1).jpg

    20191118_171818 (1).jpg

  4. Apex37

    Texas Cedar Elm #1

    I picked this up from a workshop for $45. Thought it was a decent deal. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to work on the tree and so I’m working on my first trimming. There’s a couple shoots I’m not sure what to do with. Here’s the front: The first branch in question...
  5. Rivian

    Not sure about Jacq. Hillier

    I have 15 of these from cuttings last year. They grow pretty well. Some spider mites on them, I think. ~20cm plants Bushy, dense habit. If I had larger somewhat finished trees of other species, I think a few of these might make for good shrubs in a penjing style, being kept small. I cant decide...
  6. Backwardsvg

    Help identify please!

    I have no idea what this is. Leaves haven’t popped yet. Slippery elm maybe? Anyone have any experience with it? it got torn out of my parents yard so I’m trying to nurse it back to health. Yes I know the soil isn’t ideal etc. I’m keeping it in its soil it was in and just added a bit on top to...
  7. G

    Is my elm in good health?

    This elm has been re-potted in February, gets direct sun from 8am~11am, watered when on the soil is slightly dry, got biogold fertilizer too on the chopsticks. Did a small chop but going to let it grow free for a while to let it be strong. Leaves seem to be curling a bit and getting...
  8. Fishtank307

    Triple trunk field elm from cuttings

    Hi! I wanted to share this little project I've been working on the past 3 years. In the fall of 2019 I took a bunch of cuttings from a field elm. The following year I made 2 clump-style plantings. One multi-trunk planting (of which only 3 survived...) and one triple trunk planting. The process...
  9. Rivian

    Tibetan Elm / Ulmus microcarpa

    I was just wondering what peoples thoughts are on this species. I have one, also rooted some cuttings last year and since I cant fieldgrow right now, they grow faster than I know what to do with. Ive not much dealt with Field Elm but the leaves of the Tibetan Elm are similar I think, theyre not...
  10. Lawrencek

    Does this look like a good/decent soil to you?

    We looked for pre mixed soils on eBay and Amazon was actually pretty hard I'm in the UK probably easier in the US; eventually we found this seller with a really good reputation called 'Ash Bonsai'. And bought a repotting kit for a bargain price.what I wanted to ask is does this look like a good...
  11. Lawrencek

    Repotting Chinese elm for first time, advice needed.

    Hello all, someone might recognize me about a year ago I bought my friend a Chinese elm bonsai and I posted a thread on this website about if everything looked ok because the trunk had a odd bend to it (advertised as broom style) and the soil looked dislodged. I got some good feedback on here...
  12. M

    Yamadori Chinese Elm

    Dug up this chinese elm from the woods in Central Florida today. Here’s the plan with it: What do y’all think?
  13. CrisisQuaid

    Very Few Leaves

    Hey there! A few months ago I got myself nice little Chinese Elm. As a rookie I made the mistake of assuming the soil it came in would be sufficient. The soil eventually became quite hard and the tree lost most of its leaves. I repotted it in a better pot, and some Akadma bonsai soil. Now it’s...
  14. Mr.Dr.K

    Novice: Chinease Elm. Advice and thoughts?

    This is my 1st and only Bonsai which was gifted to me about 2.5 years ago. At first I didn't know much about the species of tree, pruning etc... but managed to keep the tree alive and healthy. I don't have pics from when I 1st got it, but it has grow significantly. After reading a little on...
  15. M

    Chinese Elm vs Drake Elm?

    Hello all, I live in central Florida and throughout my years living here, I’ve noticed an abundance of Chinese elm trees in landscapes and in the wild. The trees have the orange flaky iconic bark that Chinese elms possess and the small leathery elm leaves. The trees max out at about 30 feet...
  16. Caleb Campbell

    Yatsubusa Elm

    Got this Yatsubusa today, and I am very happy with the purchase. However as you can see, there are some spots with inverse taper/knobbing (which is very typical of yatsubusa elms). Obviously I'm thinking air layers, one at the top under at that bulge, and one at the bottom right on that bulge...
  17. J

    Lets Play - Bonsai Nut Styles My Zelkova!

    Hey BNutters, recently the trunk chop on my chinese elm finally budded. I set an initial leader but since I can't decide on what I want to do with all the extra budding, I decided to let bonsai nut make the choice for me! You can submit any changes or styles you'd like to see it in and vote on...
  18. S

    Young Jacqueline Hillier (Elm) Already Struggling

    Hello all! I'm a noob in the Twin Cities (Zone 4b). Just purchased my first two young trees for bonsai a month ago (Ficus and miniature Elm). But both seem to already be struggling even though I haven't done anything to them yet (other than possibly overwatering/underwatering or giving them too...
  19. Lawrencek

    Does this (broom style) Chinese elm look right to you ?

    Hi there, I bought a Chinese elm for my partner's birthday from herons bonsai, both me and her are complete beginners. I ordered it broom style, but some pictures she sent me today the trunk looks bent, I can't work out if something maybe wrong with the tree or its just meant to be like that...
  20. Live2explore

    My Hokkaido elm.

    I’m pretty new to bonsai, have Experience with plants and “full” size trees from growing food to landscaping and lawn care. I have about 6 bonsai and I just picked up this old elm ( nursery estimated it around 100years old) for a great price, they said it has been declining over the last few...
  21. J

    Yamadori first time

    So today I collected a plant. I think it’s an elm, but not so sure. Can anyone tell me what it is? Still having a hard thing telling it myself. Advices, opinions regarding the plant are accepted. Tell me whatever you think. I put in a fairly light soil to promote root growth(around 60-70%...
  22. Clorgan

    Japanese elm... Me likey

    I reckon this one deserves its own thread, arrived today. I like it a lot 👌 One of the nicer pieces I have and great trunk positioning. Going down the multi trunk route. Thinking of reducing to the red line ish - get rid of that reverse taper. Undecided on grow bed or training pot yet.
  23. zero

    Elm - Ulmus Hollandica Jacqueline Hillier

    Hello BonsaiNut! I have been learning about Bonsai over the last year and finally purchased my first real tree from my local nursery! It's a "Dutch Elm" and I believe it was a good choice as a first tree. I am happy to have joined BonsaiNut and have been enjoying very much reading through the...
  24. Deep Sea Diver

    Rookies sorting out roots Ebihara don’t look!

    We got tired of our fledgling maples etc tossing out roots wherever and decided to see what could be done. 29 trees later we think we’ve got the basics. Now we are only hoping these lil guys will take the pummeling they received! Here’s just a few shots of the trees. Not necessarily the...
  25. rollwithak

    Doomed Chinese Elm Branch

    Hey All I had a Chinese elm in the backyard that I was reluctantly avoiding to cut some branches that had starting to grow over my neighbors fence. Thought I’d try to salvage some of it. Here are some pictures of when I removed the air layer over the weekend and how it finished up. Curious to...
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