1. MicrototheMacro

    First forest, first post. Help?

    Hey Bnut, longtime lurker, first time posting. I've only been growing bonsai for a short time, maybe 3 or 4 years. Never attended a single meeting, never belonged to a club, never knew another person who seriously practiced bonsai. My venture thus far has been autodidactic, so cut me some slack...
  2. Fishtank307

    Elm bonsai from last years cuttings

    I have +- 20 elm cuttings (Ulmus minor) from last year, that just started to push new growth. They're all from this parent tree: Here are most of the cuttings: I took them in May 2019 and potted them in perlite, mixed with some sand. (No particular reason for this mix, I just had it laying...
  3. C

    Guidance for young Chinese Elm

    Hello all, I have brought my little chinese elm bonsai starter through it's first winter in my garage here in Portland Oregon. About a week ago buds began to sprout and I am looking for some guidance from more experienced folks about what I need to do this spring (repotting, trimming...
  4. 02.jpg


    Drastic pruning to open up the branches and get rid of the matted birds nest. Also took about 3 feet of rope like roots off and re-potted. New growth starting to come. 1st March 2020
  5. 01.jpg


    Chinese Elm begging for a re-potting. Bought January 2020
  6. Maloghurst

    Seiju elm no.1

    This is a little seiju elm. It’s 11” tall at the tallest branch. Trunk is 5.5” tall. Bought in April 2019 from a nursery as a shrub. Thought about hedging this because of the growth habit but decided I did not want a chia pet on my bench. Potentially be a shohin but I’m less concerned about size...
  7. C

    Neglected hokkaido elm

    I got a Hokkaido Elm out of the trash at work. Its in bad shape but has some green growth and it is budding! I need to know how to help it get healthy again. I think it was being overwatered. Should i prune the naked branches even if they have tiny green spots on them? Should i repot it and...
  8. P

    Problems with nebari of Elm. What correction technique is better?

    Hi. I have two elms, their age is about 10 years, and both have a similar problem: the central root isn't in the center, but on the side. These elms grew between the stones. I made a sketch of how this root looks out. It will not be possible to completely remove it, because it's located on...
  9. jbogard

    Yamadori Cedar Elm Straight Into Bonsai Pot

    This weekend I was able to collect a nice size Cedar Elm that has a nice radial root spread and primary branching. I think I may reduce one of the two larger upper branches a bit more but I think I’ll take my time and think on it for a bit. I went straight to a bonsai pot because I didn’t want a...
  10. IMG_20190223_133355.jpg


    From the top for a better look at the branches.
  11. IMG_20190223_133435.jpg


    Elm dug from a wooded area 1 year ago. Grew well in a flower pot last year. Potted at an angle and wired up for fun.
  12. IMG_20190204_154319.jpg


    Now an elm forest
  13. IMG_20190204_145513.jpg


    Random elms and a gifted cheap pot.
  14. IMG_20190116_154154_20190221000042835.jpg


    In a new training pot you go. Time to grow!
  15. IMG_20190116_152445_20190220235944724.jpg


    The roots circled a bit.
  16. IMG_20190116_152036_20190220235831492.jpg


    Two years in this tiny pot
  17. IMG_20190220_143412.jpg


    Elm on a rock in a pot
  18. IMG_20190220_135824.jpg


    Elm on a rock
  19. IMG_20190220_134806.jpg


    Elm and a rock
  20. jbogard

    Collected twin trunk cedar elm

    I recently came across a strand of only multi trucked elms that had me puzzled on their form for a bit. Upon further inspection I realized that they had all been trunk chopped close to the ground and it seems like all but a couple kept on chugging without batting an eye. Anyway this guy caught...
  21. Ulmus Minor

    Ulmus Minor

    Crown cut back
  22. Andrew R.

    Chinese Elm changing leaves

    Hello- I am wondering if this Chinese Elm is just losing its leaves because it is fall here in Chicago and has been a bit chilly recently, though the tree has been indoors. Or, is there something seriously wrong with it? The yellowing started a few days ago, maybe a week. The tree has always...
  23. Ulmus Minor

    Ulmus Minor

  24. fviljoen963

    Roadside elm..

    It was growing way more upright and had burnt back a few times The plan is for a semi cascade and a very hollow spooky looking trunk. I havent quite figured out the details yet.. I'm open minded to suggestions unless you're going to suggest I make it into a sumo shohin HAHAHA Oh and the tree...
  25. Z

    Elm is showing signs of sickness.

    So I have a few indoor trees and last weekend I bought a new Chinese elm and I noticed when I got home from work some of the leaves are turning dark green and are starting to droop. I did a Google search and all I found were people with issues of them having their leaves falling off but nothing...
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