1. KP45

    Ficus- Any advice for a beginner?

    Hi, so I've owned this tree for about five years now, and I think it's about ten years old (said it was a 5 year old bonsai on the tag when purchased). At first it was just a nice little addition for the kitchen windowsill- but I've grown attached to it and would like to be able to shape it and...
  2. E

    Can Someone Help My Dying Ficus

    Hello, My Ficus bonsai tree (not sure what exact species) has been on the downward spiral since 5 months ago, when I gave it quite a significant prune. I began to notice it loosing more leaves than usual and no new growth developing, usually the prune would bring on lots of new growth, even at...
  3. Forrestford

    Big, too little forest

    Just wanted to have a place to put my project so I could get tips/advice and to share my ficus too little forest. The end goal is a crazy jungle with lots of aerial roots and roots over rocks. I went to a nursery and found these ficus too little stock at 2.99 each. Nothing too special little...
  4. Tbwilson33

    Nursery ficus. Chop? Air layer? Looking for advice

    Hey everyone, novice bonsai guy just looking for advice. I found this at a local mom and pop shop for 35 dollars and thought why not? Decent size trunk on it. I just bought it thinking of trunk chopping it and trying to root some cuttings but I just started thinking I could air layer the top to...
  5. L

    Ficus religiosa experiment/murder

    To begin, I took an airlayer off a Ficus religiosa today. I know, terrible time of year but I got bored. Also, it’s been a relatively mild winter here in NE Florida and the plant is still pushing growth. The whole point of this experiment was to induce the accelerated formation of nebari by...
  6. V

    Tiny/Microscopic Bugs in Bonsai, Leaves Spotting

    Hi! I got a Ficus Bonsai last week, and it seemed perfectly fine. As the soil was completely dry, I watered it the next day, and many tiny microscopic insects came to the surface of the soil, and then crawled back down. When I lifted the pot from the plate (where the water drains), there were...
  7. K5ATG

    My first Ficus

    I finally got my first Ficus. I'm guessing that it is a Ginseng Ficus but with this being my first ficus I do not have any experience with them. I guess I could watch Nigel and see what he says. :D I was at a local nursery and they had it marked for $7 so I grabbed it. The pot says that its...
  8. Z

    Styling advice for a very big ficus

    Hello, new here! I just acquired this large ficus pre-bonsai and need styling advice. Trying to avoid falling victim to the temptation of artificial alternating pads, looking to try something a bit more dramatic or natural. Would appreciate your help. Thanks!
  9. K5ATG

    Tiger Bark Ficus

    I was wondering if anyone has a source for tiger bark ficus. I have been trying to find a seedling or cutting but so far I can find only styled trees that cost a lot. In the late 1990's a local nursery had a real beautiful (It looks great if you could overlook the fact that it was planted in a...
  10. skyrat

    Sick Ficus

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, but have been casually growing bonsai since around 2001. I have a ficus (I think it's a benjamina) that I've had probably for at least 14 or 15 years. It began struggling the last 2 years but mainly seemed to do poorly when it was indoors over the winter, and then...
  11. T

    Help with a half-dead ficus bonsai

    Absolute newbie here. Bit of a long story how it wound up this way, but I have a Golden Gate Ficus bonsai that was believed to be dead, but did finally develop some new growth. Thing is, the only growth is near the base of the tree. I assume the upper portions are indeed dead. As it sits...
  12. Anchorman


    Should I chop the thicker main apex, where it makes that fork split? I could then keep the bottom as a smaller tree and grow the top as a new larger tree.
  13. Clicio

    Anyone has got the blues? Me, the yellows.

    Well, well, well. After a year of a pacific relationship, one of my Ficus decided to show me some yellow leaves. Not the normal waxy creamy yellow found in leaves that fall down when old; a half green half yellow tone that is showing up even in the young leaves. The Ficus was not moved or...
  14. cockroach

    Roach's Fici

    Thought I would start a thread I will periodically update. Not regularly. Sporadically. I have a few ficus that now have pots or will be getting soon. Some that I need help choosing a direction on and some that are just starting out. The first one is my Literati cascade. I like this one. It...
  15. Ryan H

    New Year New Ficus - what to do

    Nuts Here’s my latest Ficus that was added to the collection a few months ago. I think I know what I want it to look like just having trouble on figuring out how to get there. The last two pictures are inspiration and goals. It is a multi trunk with one two inch trunk, the rest are small...
  16. Clicio

    And so this is Xmas... Summer, Ficus, defoliation...

    Well, folks, here in Brazil summer came with strong and regular 90'sF every day. So I thought "what about defoliating that mallsai I am trying to save"? And believe me, in one week it is surely back-budding like crazy! Plan is to prune and defoliate again in late summer to fill-in the empty...
  17. MHBonsai

    Big Benjamina Freebie

    I lucked into a big Ficus Benjamina. I know the hurdles and shortcomings of using these for bonsai, so please spare me the lecture... :) This one came from a friend who dearly loves the tree, but isn't able to keep it any longer. Thank goodness my wife is forgiving, the tree is huge. Nearly...
  18. willhopper

    Informal upright ficus “before & after”

    My wife got this ficus for free at a bonsai convention in Orlando last May and hasn’t touched it since. She is real timid with styling and wiring so I took a crack at it today since I’m still learning and this tree was free. There were some wiring challenges and I still might thin out the top a...
  19. Ryan H

    Tiger Ficus Cascade Progression

    Hey there nuts, I always really like when people post progression threads and keep them up. I also realized I haven't done one! I figured it'd start with this ficus trainer since I just worked on it recently. Plus ficus change quickly lol. Anyway this has been grown from a yearling now...
  20. austindecker

    Need some help with this Ficus

    Long story short I have forever wanted to grow a bonsai tree but never actually got around to doing it until about a month ago. I went down to SLC (like the only place in Northern Utah I could find to buy any sort of a bonsai tree that wasnt nursery stock), and got myself a Ficus (I believe its...
  21. timeleft

    Large ficus progression (first post in a while)

    I wrote out the story of how I acquired the tree and the photos show a thorough progression. I initially purchased it from Hollow Creek when they sold off a large part of their tropical collection (maybe 3 years ago?). Its been a work in progress ever since and always a champion putting out...
  22. L

    Ficus question.

    This is my first post on this forum, and I'm pretty new to the bonsai game. I got a tree today that I could use some advice on. It's a ficus (not sure what one), with a lot of deadwood on it. From what I understand, the deadwood has been untreated for a couple years and it still pretty solid...
  23. cbroad

    Ficus experiment

    This is more of a thread to chronical my hydroponic Ficus microcarpa experiment. Pardon the ginseng, this was the only one I could find cheaply that I wouldn't mind accidentally killing and the point of this all is to get branches thicker quicker to take cuttings off of... I have wanted to...
  24. Ryan H

    New Salicaria

    Hey bn, New salicaria, can't decide what to do with it. Thought about just trying to spread and drop the canopy and clean the trunk except for maybe two of the back buds. Or could totally reshape it like the crude sketch shows. Other ideas?
  25. aphid

    My tropical trees

    My sad looking tropical trees finally are now outside. They stay inside from November to April every year. Even with a south facing window and a metal hide light, they don't do well inside. Most of the willow leaf ficuses lose their leaves by January from spider mites, but bounce back when they...
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