1. K


    hii everyone , i have this ficus that i cut back hard and there is a beautiful base and i wanna make a shohin to medium size bonsai . I am planning on a banyan style bonsai but i have no idea on how to develop bones and branches . does anyone have any idea on how should i approach this tree ?
  2. A

    Ficus tiger bark - pruning advice

    This was a typical S-shaped tiger bark ficus. I air pruned it and chopped it about two years ago. This is is the top part. What an ugly scar. How best to clean this up?
  3. S

    Ficus Leaves Turning Brown, Falling Off

    So, I have a Ficus...Ginseng I believe? (I'm not 100% sure it's that exact species but I know it's a Ficus) that I've owned since around summer of 2022, and it's made it fine through one winter so far (it's an indoor plant) but all of a sudden this time around it's started having its leaves turn...
  4. D

    ficus leaves yellowing + falling off

    I got a ginseng ficus a little over a month ago, and ever since I got it's been losing leaves. fast. a few every day. the leaves yellow and then fall off. They don't curl up and are even mostly green when they fall off. They do not go limp either. I know they lose leaves easily from condition...
  5. H

    Mosaic virus?

  6. J

    Seeking advice for (dying?) ficus

    Hi everyone, I've had this ficus for little over two years and it has always been full of vigor and healthy leaves until I moved it inside for this winter. It almost immediately started to drop leaves and has done so for the past 3 weeks. At first the leaves just dropped, but lately the leaves...
  7. R

    Ficus leaves turning brown

    Hi! I am pretty new to ficus bonsai (and to plants in general). It's leaves started turning brown, drying and falling off. The first pic is from 30 sept, the second one from 3rd oct and the last one from today (so you can see the evolution). I water it once a week until the soil is hydrated and...
  8. Coatimundi

    What direction would you take this Ficus Benjamina?

    Inherited a Ficus Benjamina last year. It was overgrown and badly in need of a prune so I decided to air layer and chop. Recovery went great and the tree seems to be healthy and vigorous. My intentions were to attempt to bonsai this beast. However, I am having a tough time trying to figure...
  9. Peter.Constantine325

    Grow Tent in Apartment

    Hello, everyone. Bonsai is honestly the only hobby, art and passion I have outside of debating religion and politics. I tried it once before, but ended up having to first sell the temperate pre-bonsai trees I bought from Brussel’s, and then throw away the tropical pre-bonsai trees I got from...
  10. M

    Does pot shape matter?

    I have a 10 month old ficus benghalensis as well as a 10 month old ficus religiosa. I'm trying to work on developing their radial roots and wanted to know if the shape of the pot matters (round vs rectangular vs square)? I'm assuming round is best for developing even radial roots?
  11. M

    Balanced fertilizer for ficus?

    Hey all. I have a ficus religiosa and ficus benghalensis both planted back in November. Just looking for a balanced fertilizer and was wondering if you all can recommend specific brands. Cost isn't really an issue. Thank you in advance!
  12. IckyGuyBonsai

    Some "too little" fun

    Been trying to sift through all my random, unorganized, and sporadic photos of my trees (anyone want to share if they have a specific schedule for photographing individual trees to track progress?) and decided to share a short progression of this Ficus "too little" that I've been messing around...
  13. Alaskanrocket

    Indoor greenhouse action

    Im rapidly running out of room because I hoard Ficus cuttings.
  14. A

    How to get this ficus microcarpa to backbud

    I am new to this. How can i get back budding in the circled areas?
  15. Ficus Microcarpa

    Ficus Microcarpa

    Found this tree growing along a fence behind an apartment building I lived in. 7 inches tall.
  16. Viktor’s bonsai

    Stunted ficus

    I have a ficus microcarpa stump that I chopped back a few months ago, it’s not sprouting any shoots nor suckers. I could see some whitish callous tissue though on one of the ginseng like roots when i excavated the soil a little bit; which tells me it’s creating new roots. Any thoughts on why...
  17. Jdoran001

    Ficus trim and style

    I’ve got this ficus I think it need a trim and some styling not sure wheat to do with those long branches cut em back or wire. Any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated
  18. L

    Lorax7’s 2023-2026 ROR Contest Thread

    Just growing the roots out long first. I haven’t attached anything to a rock yet. (The bougainvillea in the first photo is not in the contest since it’s not in Rosacea or Moracea, although I am planning to ROR it also.)
  19. H

    Not Ficus Retusa?

    I got the following tree labeled a “13 year old Ficus Retusa” however I am quite sure it is not and could use confirmation before I request a refund. The leaves are not correct and the “aerial roots” to me appear to be just buried branches (poorly also).
  20. R

    Ficus microcarpa maintenance tips

    So I've recently acquired this ficus microcarpa. I really like it's current form but I want to thicken the trunk a bit more as well as develop the aerial roots more(maybe make them a bit more thick as well).I'm looking for detailed pinching, pruning, maintenance tips for this one. All advices...
  21. M

    Pot size and when to prune for ficus seedlings

    Hello everyone, I'm very new to bonsai and I am growing 2 ficus benghalensis and 1 ficus religiosa trees from seed that I would like to eventually bonsai. I have been trying my best to read articles and watch videos on this, but still confused about pot sizes. I planted these on Nov 10, 2022...
  22. Nefreia

    Identifying a Crassula and a Ficus

    First and foremost, I've finally decided to come out of the shadows. I've been stalking around this site for about a year now, made an account a month ago, and here we are today. And second, I'm new to the bonsai world and trying to learn what I can as I go. I currently have two plants that I'm...
  23. G

    My new tree

    So I went in for a small focus or Fukien tea to throw in my office and left with this guy after the shop owner dropped the price and I assume it’s been there for a minute. Got great features from the front. Nice taper towards the top it just needs a good cleaning out of the randomness up top...
  24. M

    Please help identify this plant

    I purchased Ficus Benghalensis seeds from F W Schumacher Co ( One of the seeds from the package grew into this plant shown in the pictures. I see that the leaves look a bit different from the others and it has this yellow pollen/flowering. Could anyone help identify if this...
  25. chuckwc1

    Ficus & Snail Terrarium

    This is a small bio active terrarium, with a tiny ficus forest. It has 5 land snails from my backyard, that have been doing well for the past 7 months. A bit unconventional, but very fun. The ficus are not very well developed, but I’m hopeful that I can slowly improve them.
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