1. Scrogdor

    Transplanting water cutting to soil

    Was messing around with my tiger bark ficus and decided to try and root a clipping. Had it in a shot glass wrapped in foil for about 5 weeks. Moved it to this glass for some more room. How long do the roots need to be before I transplant this into a small pot? I would say these ones about...
  2. Redwood Ryan

    Washer Ficus

    Started a little experiment today. I took a bunch of cuttings off of one of my Tigerbarks and planted them through washers. The goal is to have them swell and grow over the washers, like some people do with Tridents. Hoping this produces great bases and nebari on these trees, but it's an...
  3. L

    Lorax7 Ficus Benjamina ‘Natasja’ #1 progression

    This was originally a Home Depot plant consisting of several saplings tied together. I separated them and repotted when I got it home and have been growing separately. Have done some pruning and wiring before but neglected to take pictures. Recently repotted some of those trees and brought them...
  4. E

    Update on Dying Ficus - March to October

    Hello! I originally posted about my ficus I repotted at the end of Feb, and how it was quickly declining after the repot. I had some wonderful advice from here about getting a grow lamp ASAP, and it kept the little lad alive. I come back to you after 7 months with an update after a full growing...
  5. F

    Ficus struggling after repotting

    I repotted a few of my ficus burtt Davyi Bonsai within the last week. I removed a few of the long roots on each of the trees that were wrapping around & around the pot. All the trees seem to be doing well except for 1 of them. The leaves are drying out & wilting, about 60% of the leaves seem...
  6. Apex37

    Tiger Bark Ficus Cuttings Progression

    I took these cuttings from my very first bonsai that was gifted to me by my late mother-in-law. Lemme tell you, after she passed, the stress was real to take care of that tree. Luckily, ficus are crazy hardy as we all know, and even with me poorly overwintering it (due to ignorance before really...
  7. AnutterBonsai

    My first Burtt-Davyii ficus

    Managed to get a great deal in one of the FB auction sites and snagged this ficus! bought it from the Wigerts auction account. It’s my first ficus ever in my collection and they tend to grow really well in Houston — with the high humidity and heat. I like the nebari it’s already been...
  8. Scrogdor

    Repotted Tiger Bark

    Repotted this ficus Tiger bark. Can’t help wonder if the pot is too small though. Trunk was bigger than I thought under the surface. I probably trimmed a little less than half the root mass. Should I A) repot this right away in something bigger B) repot it in a year in something bigger C)...
  9. _space_bard_

    What should I do with this Ficus group?

    A couple years ago I drove to Flagstaff for a Dr. appointment. It's a 2 hour drive from where I live so I figured I'd make an afternoon of it and stop by some thrift shops. In one of the thrift stores they had this Ficus patch growing in this god awful looking blue plastic pot with no drainage...
  10. Apex37

    Advice on Styling S Shaped Ficus

    I've had this ficus for about 3 years now. It's been in the pot it's in for 2 and very pot bound and needing a repot. I was thinking of doing something drastic and doing a trunk chop to the first main branch. It's been growing so a-typically that I'd like to get back budding lower. Any...
  11. D

    Ficus styling, urban yamadori

    I found this 5 foot ficus tree in the trash last year. I re potted it. I should have left it in a bigger pot, maybe I should put it in a bigger pot for branch development. Any ideas on what to do with it. the top half of the trunk is dead wood. Any ideas...
  12. tokamoon

    Is my Ficus suffering from root/trunk rot?

    I received this Ficus about 4 months ago from brussel's bonsai. I noticed the trunk started looking brown/wet over the last 2 months. Any ideas what I should do or if this is normal? Thanks!
  13. E

    White patch of mould on ficus ginseng trunk, leaf drop.

    Hi,I have managed to keep this ficus alive for 5 years and it seemed to be doing well until recently some of the leaves started to turn yellow then brown and fall off at least 50% of them.I noticed the soil had become compacted so I repotted it into a slightly larger pot with better drainage...
  14. C

    Ficus Microcarpa help

    I currently have two ficus microcarpa. The first is tiny and I've had it since the fall. It seems to love my apartment conditions so I made a much larger investment on a second one. The new one is about 25" tall out of the pot, so something fairly large that I desperately want to keep alive...
  15. D

    Ficus Retusa suggestions

    Hi, First post! I got a ficus retusa mallsai two years ago for 30 beans. I'm pretty new to bonsai but I made some basic styling attempts since. Here it is today with it's big bro: I'll let it flush out a bit again before touching it as it's been a little weak since it's repot a while...
  16. E

    Moss and Iron in Fertilizer

    Hello, I recently repotted my ficus retusa in akadama/lava rock and after it being a bit ropey due to repotting too early, it is now recovering really well. The weather is warming up quite a bit here so I'm letting the ficus have some sun outside in the day for now. With the new soil substrate...
  17. Storm_Lord

    Dark patches and yellow crystals on Ficus leaves. What's the cause?

    Here is a picture of two of the leaves of my 26 year old Ficus. I cut them off when I saw them. - There is some blackish/grey discolouration on both leaves. - On the bottom of the smaller leaf, there are also some yellow crystal-like structures in the same place as the area of discolouration...
  18. Apex37

    Repot and Trim

    Finally got around to repotting and trimming some trees. Trying a mix of 50/50 pine bark and lava rock for these and see how it goes. 1. Barbados Cherry 2. Dwarf Jade 3. Ginseng Ficus
  19. Apex37

    Ficus Leaves Purple/Brown

    Can anyone help ID what might be going on with my ficus? Some leaves are turning brownish/purple.
  20. Apex37

    First Bonsai

    First post, figured this place would be a valuable resource to learn and grow as I take on the hobby. I love forums as they always provide so much information and support. I've always been fascinated by plants and have always loved carrying for them. My mother-in-law was a HUGE green thumb, I...
  21. E

    Ficus Akadama Repot Leaf Drop

    Hello, I repot my Ficus Retusa on Saturday (20th), going from a pretty decent nursary soil to an Akadama/lava rock mix. Soil choice where I live (Switzerland) is pretty limited, so I went for this house blend from a good shop. I went for the Akadama mix in the end as also an experiment, just to...
  22. J

    How does my wiring look?

    Hey guys, This is the first tree I've ever wired. It's a Ficus sp. I've grown from a cutting for about a year. This was mostly just for practice, but I wanted to see what others thought of my job, and any tips/advice they may be able to give me. I wasn't really sure how old the tree should be...
  23. D

    Ficus (i think) withering ?

    Hello, I'm having some doubts about my plant survivability chances... It would seem that the branches are withering, the tree is losing a lot of leaves (but it was my understanding was that this could happen), and I have no idea what's the cause. Some info: - Central europe - indoor, in front...
  24. cozmicat

    What kind of plant is this?

    Picked this up at Costco a few months back. It was on the sales rack for $30, I figure what the heck. I have a lot of indoor bonsai and I see some potential if I cut down drastically. I would like to know what kind of ficus this is. The interwebs shows me the weird phalic gensing that you can...
  25. D

    Ficus suggestion

    I'm brand new to bonsai. Was given a little pre-styled juniper over Christmas and now I'm hooked. Started looking around my yard for some potential specimens and noticed my ficus has this interesting root ball. It's been in this pot for maybe 25 years. Is this worth chopping and can I save the...
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