1. G

    My new tree

    So I went in for a small focus or Fukien tea to throw in my office and left with this guy after the shop owner dropped the price and I assume it’s been there for a minute. Got great features from the front. Nice taper towards the top it just needs a good cleaning out of the randomness up top...
  2. M

    Please help identify this plant

    I purchased Ficus Benghalensis seeds from F W Schumacher Co ( One of the seeds from the package grew into this plant shown in the pictures. I see that the leaves look a bit different from the others and it has this yellow pollen/flowering. Could anyone help identify if this...
  3. chuckwc1

    Ficus & Snail Terrarium

    This is a small bio active terrarium, with a tiny ficus forest. It has 5 land snails from my backyard, that have been doing well for the past 7 months. A bit unconventional, but very fun. The ficus are not very well developed, but I’m hopeful that I can slowly improve them.
  4. Ficus Microcarpa

    Ficus Microcarpa

    7 inches tall. Collected in 2018. Found along a back fence behind an apartment building I used to live in.
  5. Sammy V

    Intro.. this hobby escalated quickly!

    Hi everyone! I'm technically not new, I had a Juniper in college and promptly killed it.. or it may have gone dormant for the winter, and I thought it died. :confused: Just got back into it full force, after passing a roadside bonsai stand 150 times over the last 2 years. It's a 3 year old...
  6. Storm_Lord

    White mould on ficus soil - how to get rid?

    Hi everyone! A couple of months ago, I posted about my Ficus dropping leaves, and you all gave some excellent advice. I repotted the tree, as suggested, and it seems to be good and healthy again. Thanks! One problem, though: over the past couple of days, a whitish mould has appeared on the...
  7. Storm_Lord

    Ficus dropping leaves - yellowish with black spots - please help!

    Hi everyone, I have been caring for a Ficus for a few years now. In the last week or so, it started dropping leaves. A few of these leaves are yellowish, while others have brown or black marks on them. I've attached a few photos. The tree doesn't seem healthy, and I'm not sure how to fix...
  8. G

    Ficus tiger bark where to cut to reduce internodes space

    I been used to Elms and Maple where I can clearly see where the "previous" node is so I know where to cut to force the growth on the previous node, but how can I know on a ficus? Doesn't seem to have any "visible" node, is it on any leaf similar to the Elm ?
  9. glass_shark

    My pride and joy ficus, about a year into training. any tips are appreciated!

  10. H

    First styling of this ficus ginseng I’ve had for 6 years

    First image was on June 19th. It has really filled out. Today I’m checking the wiring because some of the wire looks to be biting in.
  11. F

    Can I get you to focus on this Ficus?

    Hello all, I recently picked up this Ficus from a big box store. Traditionally I'm not a fan of the ginseng variety but when I seen this one my impulses got the best of me. Normally I have the good fortune of not being a very impulsive person but we all have our days. It was going cost me next...
  12. Backwardsvg

    wanting to get a ficus

    Hey there, I want to dip my toe in ficus bonsai. I am looking for something that is pretty low work, can survive indoors well (outside in summer). Something that I can just cut up for fun and practice on. Fast growing and strong would be great. (Am I making up a unicorn tree haha) I don’t like...
  13. Apex37

    Ficus Work

    So these we’re my very first bonsai that I’ve been working on when I first started bonsai last year. Lots of work to go and made a few mistakes, but they’re better than nothing. I’ll try and stay on top of getting before and after photos, as I’ve come to realize I’m really bad at taking photos...
  14. AnutterBonsai

    Office Bonsai - Brussel's Golden Gate Ficus

    So we recently got moved to a new section in the building where I work and we have this big window that has perfect light! I noticed it looked too bare, so I went ahead and decided to have a nice pleasant "indoor" bonsai type perfect for it. Settled on a Brussel's Golden Gate Ficus. wired it...
  15. D

    Propagating aerial roots on ficus, trying something without knowing if that works, please suggest.

    I'm trying to propagate aerial roots for my ficus, used some wet sphagnum moss wrapped around a portion on the extended trunk. I'm not sure if it is going to help or not and am I doing it right, could someone suggest.
  16. Apex37

    Styling Advice for Tiger Bark Ficus

    So little back story on this tree: This mallsai was originally gifted to me by my mother-in-law about 3 years back. I had a little interest in bonsai at the time, but definitely not seriously learning up or anything. Last year I started deciding to become serious with bonsai and after she...
  17. T

    Ficus Benjamina restyling ideas

    Hello, I am looking for ideas to restyle a 20 yrs old ficus benjamina. The history is as follows - got the plant from a nursery as a pot with 4 straight stems 20 years ago - I fused the 4 trunks over the first few years - It almost almost completely dried 12 years ago, I cut all the deadwood...
  18. Scrogdor

    Transplanting water cutting to soil

    Was messing around with my tiger bark ficus and decided to try and root a clipping. Had it in a shot glass wrapped in foil for about 5 weeks. Moved it to this glass for some more room. How long do the roots need to be before I transplant this into a small pot? I would say these ones about...
  19. Redwood Ryan

    Washer Ficus

    Started a little experiment today. I took a bunch of cuttings off of one of my Tigerbarks and planted them through washers. The goal is to have them swell and grow over the washers, like some people do with Tridents. Hoping this produces great bases and nebari on these trees, but it's an...
  20. L

    Lorax7 Ficus Benjamina ‘Natasja’ #1 progression

    This was originally a Home Depot plant consisting of several saplings tied together. I separated them and repotted when I got it home and have been growing separately. Have done some pruning and wiring before but neglected to take pictures. Recently repotted some of those trees and brought them...
  21. E

    Update on Dying Ficus - March to October

    Hello! I originally posted about my ficus I repotted at the end of Feb, and how it was quickly declining after the repot. I had some wonderful advice from here about getting a grow lamp ASAP, and it kept the little lad alive. I come back to you after 7 months with an update after a full growing...
  22. F

    Ficus struggling after repotting

    I repotted a few of my ficus burtt Davyi Bonsai within the last week. I removed a few of the long roots on each of the trees that were wrapping around & around the pot. All the trees seem to be doing well except for 1 of them. The leaves are drying out & wilting, about 60% of the leaves seem...
  23. Apex37

    Tiger Bark Ficus Cuttings Progression

    I took these cuttings from my very first bonsai that was gifted to me by my late mother-in-law. Lemme tell you, after she passed, the stress was real to take care of that tree. Luckily, ficus are crazy hardy as we all know, and even with me poorly overwintering it (due to ignorance before really...
  24. AnutterBonsai

    My first Burtt-Davyii ficus

    Managed to get a great deal in one of the FB auction sites and snagged this ficus! bought it from the Wigerts auction account. It’s my first ficus ever in my collection and they tend to grow really well in Houston — with the high humidity and heat. I like the nebari it’s already been...
  25. Scrogdor

    Repotted Tiger Bark

    Repotted this ficus Tiger bark. Can’t help wonder if the pot is too small though. Trunk was bigger than I thought under the surface. I probably trimmed a little less than half the root mass. Should I A) repot this right away in something bigger B) repot it in a year in something bigger C)...
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