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  1. trigo

    Shimpaku Kishu - Field Grown - Progress Thread

    Making this thread to share the progress and procedures that, i did / will do, on this juniper. i will leave here the link to the imgur gallery Bought this Shimpaku Kishu on November 03 2022 (late spring) at a famous bonsai grower here in Brazil, it was field grown specifically for bonsai and...
  2. P

    First time seed sewer- JBP advice?

    Does anyone have any advice for seed starting JBP and Scot's Pine? I've been cutting my teeth with nursery stock and with the nature of this addiction I either need to deepen my pockets or grow my own. I've got 10 acres of forested mountain terrain to grow on with just about any water condition...
  3. trigo

    Field Grown JBP progression, Help needed.

    This JBP was collected here in Brazil on the ending of our winter, 5 weeks ago, i started with slow realease fertilizer the day after collecting it and 1x per week foliar feeding fish and kelp fertilizer. It stayed 3 weeks on partial shade and the last 2 weeks it got full sun. It started to push...
  4. B

    Nursery for field grown starters

    I have access to a nursery with a few different species in zone 5. Plenty of Japanese maple which is what I have in mind. I might be able to find some good 5-8 year growth from field saplings. What should I look for?
  5. Bezalel Nebari

    Free Raw Material for CO Residents

    If you live in CO, I saw this post on facebook marketplace. Looks like this person has some land with a bunch of little trees that they're allowing people to dig up.
  6. B

    Trident maple inverse taper help

    Where should I cut back to on this field grown Trident maple? The top where it was cut back by the previous owner has a fair amount of inverse taper and I am unsure of where the best place to start a new leader would be.
  7. R

    Field developing conifers

    Hi, I was wondering what techniques can be used to develop taper in field growing conifers. trunk chopping to a new leader is what I’m using for deciduous trees (to develop taper whilst field growing), does this technique work with coniferous species? How would you deal with candles/growth...
  8. weetree3

    Transplanting Field Grown JBP

    I have been field growing a cork bark JBP for several years. It is 4"+ inches in diameter. I have the following questions: 1. what size root ball? 2. how much of the original soil should I remove around the roots? 3. Should I plant the pint in Boom's mix or go 100% pumice? 4. should I wait...
  9. BonsaiMatt

    Digging a Large Trident Maple

    This Trident has been growing in my yard for around 10 years, I think it was probably around 5 years old when I planted it. I had a bunch of earlier pictures of the trunk development, but naturally I lost them. I've allowed it to grow to 15-20 feet and chopped it back to the ground around 5...
  10. Jacob Jaimes

    SIP (Sub-Irrigated Raised Bed)

    Self-watering Raised Bed A Raised bed with reservoir to maintain & conserve water during drought. The design also includes an overflow in case of long periods of rain. What I'm wondering is what changes would have to be made to adapt this to bonsai use. Assuming I maintain appropriate wicking...
  11. BobbyLane

    Trident maple raft

    this is a field growing project, started in spring, the cutting was taken from a small trident, both tree and cutting are in the ground here is the cutting after spending a few months growing in this pot, luckily it struck and grew well 20161024_171134 by Bobby Lane, on Flickr 20161024_171036...
  12. Jaberwky17

    Preparing to pull a field grown Scots - need advice

    I have a Scots pine that I purchased at a local nursery as a 3-5 year old seedling about 4 years ago. It went directly into the ground at my old house, stayed there for a year, and when we moved it came with me - transplanted ground-to-ground in October (I didn't have any choice). It took a...
  13. gallina1594


    So my parents have this sango-kaku that had a lot of die off the past 2 winter's. There's still a live branch on it, and there's new growth all over the trunk, so I have hope! But my parents want to rip it out and start new. What's your experience with sango-kakus? Think I should try to bonsai...
  14. kostasd87

    3y Field grown tridents-help needed

    Hello all! 20 months ago I started a project planting 30 trident maple seedlings. I planted all of them after passing the roots through a 1.2cm hole in the middle of a plastic plate. The pictures describe the process: Fast forward 15 months: And as of today...
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