1. Lawrencek

    Does this look like a good/decent soil to you?

    We looked for pre mixed soils on eBay and Amazon was actually pretty hard I'm in the UK probably easier in the US; eventually we found this seller with a really good reputation called 'Ash Bonsai'. And bought a repotting kit for a bargain price.what I wanted to ask is does this look like a good...
  2. D

    First forest, first post. Help?

    Hey Bnut, longtime lurker, first time posting. I've only been growing bonsai for a short time, maybe 3 or 4 years. Never attended a single meeting, never belonged to a club, never knew another person who seriously practiced bonsai. My venture thus far has been autodidactic, so cut me some slack...
  3. Tbwilson33

    Got my first Japanese maple

    As the title says it’s my first I’m pretty excited. Just looking for some in put from the group I guess. I got a couple things I will do to it in the next couple days... like take that big crossing branch in the middle. Do you think that would root from a cutting? Here are the pics ?
  4. Matt Jones

    My First Bonsai (Father's Day 2018) - Eastern Red Cedar - Comments?

    Hi all, For Father's Day, everyone left me alone (just the way I like it!) so I thought I would try a first bonsai. This is my first post here, so I hope the pix come out ok. Yes, yes, I know that some here really don't like Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) as a bonsai. Nonetheless...
  5. K

    First time planting seeds, some pics and questions inside

    So I ordered some seeds online and a mini green house to put in front of my window. Very curious to see if they will germinate, especially since only 8/60 seeds that I planted sunk to the bottom in their 24 hour soaking period. Maybe they didnt sunk because they were poor quality? Not sure how...
  6. Tmcd009

    No More Lurking

    Well, the time has come to move out of the shadows and post something! I started getting into the hobby roughly a year ago, and so a lot of the work I did after my first summer was less exciting than what is going on this spring. So, I decided to be a more passive member of bnut until I had...
  7. First Ever Juniper

    First Ever Juniper

    This is my first Juniper i did from scratch. I purchased it from the Monterey bonsai club sale last June at their annual show. The hand in the Photo is John Thompson and i discussing different ideas.
  8. First ever Black pine

    First ever Black pine

    Here is what it looks like after some basic wiring and re-potting! :-)
  9. First ever Black pine

    First ever Black pine

    I was at Peter Teas house just before GSBF convention. He had one extra black pine that someone did not purchase.....lucky me!
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