1. A

    Black shoot tips on black bag pomegranate hardwood cutting. Fungus?

    I have this Pomegranate hardwood cutting that has been in a black bag for almost 2 months now. The tree is producing a lot of shoots, however most of them are turning their tips black after they start to elongate. At first I thought that it was because they were getting burned after having...
  2. DraytonSawyer


    I know this is beneficial to use in some circumstances, but wanted to know if anybody had any experience with this specific brand? Will applying this and diatomaceous earth be at same time be harmful?
  3. Apex37

    Noob Question for Granular Pesticides/Fungicides

    Can it be applied on top of the top dressing (i.e. sphagnum moss) or does that need to be removed first? This will be my first year trying out granular as I've only tried sprays.
  4. E

    Lost as to what is wrong with my Hornbeam

    I’m still struggling to figure out what’s wrong with my American Hornbeam. A ton of leaves have these black spots showing up on them. I suspected fungus so I removed all the leaves with spots and sprayed with fungicide some weeks ago, but that didn’t seem to have any effect on the tree. Overall...
  5. E

    Is this sunburn on my Hornbeam?

    I’m wondering if anyone has the answer to this. I’ve noticed some new growth on my Hornbeam has started to develop this brown edges to them. The edges while brown, are not crispy or dry when they first develop. My tree is kept in the shade for as long as possible throughout the day, but gets...
  6. E

    Help! Worried my hornbeam has a fungal infection.

    I’ve started to notice these black spots, burnt edges, and holes developing in some of my hornbeam leaves. At first I thought it was sunburn but after hearing many people discuss how their hornbeams can tolerate full sun I am starting to think it’s a fungal infection. The tree does seem semi...
  7. Yo Mango

    What fungicide do you use?

    I’ve been using at times both direct fungicide and systemic fungicide from Bonide. I usually don’t see much improvement and have to take other measures. Maybe folks are getting better results with other brands and types, so I was curious what other bonsai nuts use and if you can share thoughts...
  8. claramsh

    Help! My Chinese Elm seems to have a disease and I don’t know how to treat it...

    I’ve purchased this Chinese Elm about a week ago, and I noticed some of the leaves had some black spots on it. I thought, okay, I need to cut them right away and I need to get a fungicide, but it took me a week to even try to find the best fungicide for my bonsai. I have found that emulsifying...
  9. DamianTrimboli

    Phyton-27 + Lime Sulphur: Advice

    Hello Eveyone! I read multiple times in this forum that it is recommend as preventive to use a mix of Phyton-27 and Lime Sulphur. My question is: how is possible? Since to use Phyton-27 it is recommended to dilute it with water with PH between 4.5 and 5.5, and Lime Sulphur is really alcaline...
  10. C

    Bionide systemic insecticide?

    Does anyone have experience using bionide systemic granules for insecticide? I’ve used it for succulents and cacti in the past with great results for mealy bugs. Given that I’m new to this, I’m not really sure what a Japanese Maple can handle. I’m also thinking of using a bionide systemic...
  11. Randolph

    Shohin Japanese Red Pine

    Hello everyone, I need some advice about what could be going on with my pine. I am keeping it outside in mostly full sun, possibly overwatering a little just to make sure it doesn't dry out. Its starting to lose its bright green color and the needles are turning brown in segments, I suspect a...
  12. milehigh_7

    Neem Oil Use Questions

    Are there any tree species that Neem will harm? Recommended dilution rates? Any other tips, tricks, and pointers?
  13. syon_r

    Damping off Prevention

    I know when growing from seed to use a well draining soil mix and to grow in a bright area to prevent damping off of seeds. What fungicides should I use as preventatives? Should they be soil or spray fungicides? Should I apply fungicides after or before seeds begin to sprout? Should I use powder...
  14. syon_r

    Do systemic fungicides harm black pine mycorrhizae?

    I was planning to treat one of my Japanese black pines with bonide infuse, (a systemic fungicide) to treat needle cast. I was also planning on using daconil and copper fungicide to treat it. I do not know if I should treat with bonide infuse, since it could harm mycorrhizae. Does anyone use...
  15. ConorDash

    UK accessible fungicide and insecticide

    UK PEOPLE, UNITE! @BobbyLane @Rob_phillips @TomB @Victorim @jeremy_norbury (+People I don't know/forgot, from the UK). Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today.... Whoops, wrong speech. Just looking for any of your recommendations or personal experiences with regularly applied fungicide or...
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