help please

  1. K

    New JBP, Need advice!

    Hi Everyone, I just need ideas on styling this black pine. I'm new to all this and not sure if I picked a good starter or not. I'm also curious if I can make it grow on a large rock or not. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. pavlina

    please help :DD

    soo, my bonsai trunk is really squishy and rotten i guess? i feel like it’s because of overwareting. one of the trunks even fell apart :( is there anything i could do to save it? the leaves and branches look okay but today i noticed few yellow leaves. other than that it looks healthy. i fear...
  3. J

    Plant Identification Help

    Can somone Please help me Name this Plant! The Real name I was told it Before but I forgot! Juniper? Chinese Elm, Maple? Or the Real Specific Name Would be Awesome!
  4. Trojan Phil

    FNG Needs Styling/Direction Advice

    Hello Bonsai Blackbelts. I have a JBP that I bought about 5 years ago, and the ad said it was 'very old' at that time. Lookes like they staryed an exposed root but i didnt know what i was doing at the time (like worse than now). I repotted it in a training pot (I made out if a redwood fence...
  5. Trojan Phil

    ISO Mentor, Sensei, Guru, Teacher . . .

    I have tried to learn and educate myself, but I am at the point where I need a guide. Someone who is willing to get together (monthly? Quarterly?), sit down and look at a tree together and work on it together and show me the answers to so many 'why' questions i have from the myriad of ways...
  6. rafa8238

    Please help with my Ficus trunk

    Hey guys, so i have this ficus ginseng (microcarpa) and a few months ago it started to show this browinsh/yellow spots, i letted it go beacause i thought it would just go with less watering but it stills there. I used to spray water on the leaves more than its supposed to so i think thats the...
  7. BonsaiTreeAdmirer

    What is wrong with my cuttings?

    Hi! Complete newbie here. 7B, Bonsais are being kept outside during the day (when its warm and sunny) and inside during the night (or when days are gloomy and cold). Watering once a day and plants are potted in bonsai soil. I purchased three different species of willow cuttings (Dragon...
  8. JuniperSol

    I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is wrong with my Ficus

    I own eleven trees. All of them are doing well, prospering, growing, etc. BUT THIS FICUS DEAR GOSH! I only water when it needs, I have made sure it gets good light and not too much, it has been outside for weeks yet continues to lose foliage. I am out of ideas, help me Bonsai Nut, you're my only...
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