1. Gsquared

    What is this growing on my hemlock?

    I’ve got a couple of collected hemlocks that have a few spots of this growing on the branches. Both were repotted last spring and seem to have recovered well. I suspect that it is some kind of parasitic mistletoe type of plant. Anyone know what it is and how to get rid of/control it?
  2. E3012858-29BF-4269-A594-F07944919D1F.jpeg


    This tree was in poor shape when I got it. I’ve gone back and forth on how to proceed with it. In the mean time, I’m simply going to maintain the profile while allowing the inner canopy to (hopefully) fill in. I’ll be giving it the Walter Pall, naturalistic treatment 🧐
  3. parhamr

    Western Hemlock progression

    I bought a Western Hemlock prebonsai from a Bonsai Society of Portland silent auction in mid 2016. I forget the final price but I believe it was around $30. February 2017, top center In the 2017 growing season I let some of the lower branches run to put on vigor and girth. September 2017...
  4. MrFancyPlants

    Extending growth pruning recommendations

    Does anyone have any nuggets of knowledge about the extending type tree growth like this Tsuga c. I hope I didn't screw up by trimming up my future apex this late in the year, but I think it will be fine. If you follow the thicker, bent sacrifice from the right of the photo, towards the...
  5. Maloghurst

    Pacific Northwest bonsai museum

    I made a really quick stop at the PNW bonsai museum last week and snapped a few pics. Thought I would share them! I exactly ten minutes to see the exhibit so I might be wrong on some Tree names. Hornbeam? Not sure on this one. Japanese maple Japanese Yew Name this one? Flowering of some...
  6. parhamr

    Tsuga mertensiana (mountain hemlock)

    April 2014 Purchased for $49.99 in a 10-gallon nursery pot. I’m planning to develop this into a formal upright. March 2015 I had wired most branches slightly downward in 2014 and started on some major branch selection. April 2015 The branches make nice foliage pads with prolific...
  7. Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

    Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

    Bonsai Artist: Ms. Mary Corrington Species: Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) Traditions and Transitions - Arts of the Earth This unique display combining the art of pottery, with the art of bonsai, was put on by the Weyerhaeuser Company. The curator for the Pacific Rim Bonsai...
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