1. RKMcGinnis

    Nursery stock 2 hollies in pot 1 dead on sale

    I was searching the “compromised” pile at a nursery and found this holly with small foliage with a 3/4 nebari. It had two in one pot and the other died so I guess that is why they didn’t want it. The one that was living looked good and it flowered about a month ago really nicely. I want to...
  2. A

    Pruning Japanese Holly

    Hi all Ive had my Japanese Holly for about 4 months now and was given to me with lots of dense growth and leaves. It's been growing lots of new shoots in summer and I've come to pruning. It's now dropped a lot of its leaves in the past week and has revealed a totally Criss cross of branches...
  3. P

    Trim to one main branch? (New to Bonsai!)

    Hi all! I'm very new to the world of Bonsai trees and have today purchased my first one, which is a Japanese Holly. After watching a few videos on how you go about pruning/wiring/caring etc, I'm left with the question of whether or not I'd trim one of the main branches near the base? It seems...
  4. amatbrewer


    I picked up a ILEX CRENATA ‘DWARF PAGODA’ from a local nursery. I am sure I payed way too much but I like the compact leaves, thick trunk, and roots. Worst case I figure it will make a nice accent plant. It was very root bound so I re-potted it into a colander and cleaned it up a bit so I could...
  5. C

    Repotting broadleaf evergreens

    Hi guys, first post. Thanks for having me. So I have a Schilling's Ilex vomitoria and I'm loving it. First broadleaf evergreen bonsai. I have it under grow lights as I'm in Canada and it already had produced a considerable bit of new foliage when I got it from the bonsai nursery.Going outside...
  6. markyscott

    Collected Yaupon

    Not sure how many of us grow Yaupon, but I think they're really great - small leaves, twiggy habit, and bud back well from old wood. They like it hot - there is an abundance of collectible material all over. The biggest challenge with collecting them is that they tend to grow stick straight...
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