1. amatbrewer


    I picked up a ILEX CRENATA ‘DWARF PAGODA’ from a local nursery. I am sure I payed way too much but I like the compact leaves, thick trunk, and roots. Worst case I figure it will make a nice accent plant. It was very root bound so I re-potted it into a colander and cleaned it up a bit so I could...
  2. C

    Repotting broadleaf evergreens

    Hi guys, first post. Thanks for having me. So I have a Schilling's Ilex vomitoria and I'm loving it. First broadleaf evergreen bonsai. I have it under grow lights as I'm in Canada and it already had produced a considerable bit of new foliage when I got it from the bonsai nursery.Going outside...
  3. markyscott

    Collected Yaupon

    Not sure how many of us grow Yaupon, but I think they're really great - small leaves, twiggy habit, and bud back well from old wood. They like it hot - there is an abundance of collectible material all over. The biggest challenge with collecting them is that they tend to grow stick straight...
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