japanese back pines

  1. Bigggtuna

    What’s on my JBP?

    These tiny white egg looking specks appeared on my JBP only after placing it in the cold frame for winter a couple weeks ago. Most of the search results I’m getting are for wooly adelgids and white long scale, both of which would appear on or near the needles right? These only appear on the...
  2. Trojan Phil

    FNG Needs Styling/Direction Advice

    Hello Bonsai Blackbelts. I have a JBP that I bought about 5 years ago, and the ad said it was 'very old' at that time. Lookes like they staryed an exposed root but i didnt know what i was doing at the time (like worse than now). I repotted it in a training pot (I made out if a redwood fence...
  3. kidrising

    Old JBP Turned Greenish Yellow Color

    Hi All, I got this gorgeous Japanese Black Pine in an auction last July. At the time it had a rich dark green color and short needles. I had continued to fertilize it using bonsai gold. By winter time, the needles were longer but still a rich dark green color. I had only just removed dead...
  4. jhaneez

    Japanese black pine !

    Hello everyone happy spring ! I am new to bonsai and i want to repot and wire my little tree JBP . Any suggestions recommendations are greatly appreciated. What kind of wire and size to use ? Thanks a lot .
  5. Y

    JBP seedling

    So I planted these JBP out of season last October. They handled the winter very well staying greenish purple, but now as they wake up from dormancy two of them have turned brown. Not sure what I did wrong as they have all been in the same pot getting watered at the same times. Do these two look...
  6. Y

    JBP from seed. First ever attempt

    This is my first attempt at bonsai or growing anything from seed in general. Will keep updating in this thread! These guys were planted on August 16th. Debating if I should leave them all together until next spring or separate now?? Any advice
  7. Bu-Jetjet

    Shohin JBP

    Brought this neglected little guy to the office so I can do some maintenance work...
  8. mwar15

    First attempt at grafting JBP

    Just a little background. I’ve done lots of grafting for other varieties especially fruit trees. I read up on how to do Black Pine bonsai, and I’ve had it demonstrated to me. I think it might be a little late in the year for grafting but we will see. The first tree is a pine that is a project...
  9. weetree3

    Transplanting Field Grown JBP

    I have been field growing a cork bark JBP for several years. It is 4"+ inches in diameter. I have the following questions: 1. what size root ball? 2. how much of the original soil should I remove around the roots? 3. Should I plant the pint in Boom's mix or go 100% pumice? 4. should I wait...
  10. I

    Tree suggestions for my “pot” please

    I had this awesome chicken soup that gets cooked in a coconut. After emptying all the nuttiness out I figured it will look interesting if I planted something in it. I’m just not sure what’s gonna work. Of course I need to stabilise it somehow so it doesn’t roll around. What kinda tree can I...
  11. don b

    Don B's Pines 2018

    2018 HERE WE COME!! JBPs from seed coming soon!!
  12. Grant Hamby

    My First JBP

    Just got my first Japanese Black Pine, still pretty new to pines in general. I picked this one up on Muranaka's ebay page. I feel like it has great potential. I've always loved shohin pines and I've done a fair amount of reading on here and Bonsai Tonight. The concepts are just beginning to make...
  13. Luke FrankLin

    Pine seedlings

    I have a few JBP seedlings (just sprouted a few days ago). Anyway I was just wondering how old should they be before I do their first wiring?
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