japanese red pine

  1. AnacortesSteve

    Japanese Red and Black Pines from seed

    I have been growing JRP from seeds collected from the mother tree in my yard so no lack of source seeds, This year I started with JBP seeds I bought online and those have been pretty successful so I thought I would share some of what I have learned (thanks to those that have taught me). I start...
  2. anthony burce

    need help identifying disease and advice on cure.

    Hi there I haven't posted in a while but I just recently purchased this older Japanese red pine. Compact Tanyosho ( Pinus Densiflora Umbraculifera- Compacta) I traveled to Chester CA and found this. Originally priced at 99 but I pointed out the ailment and the nursery owner accepted $50. She...
  3. mwar15

    Japanese Red pine seedlings For Sale/Trade

    I have 6 Japanese red pine seedlings. These are one that were left in the shade, wire left on too long and a couple I experimented with cutting the buds. They are in 3-4" pots. If you want more pictures let me know. They will be going on the FB auction Sunday (10/29). I don't know what...
  4. Sn0W

    Pinus Densiflora 'Alice Verkade'

    So today I saw a Pinus Densiflora 'Alice Verkade' in a garden centre I was visiting. I was speaking to the guy who owned the garden centre about trees when he told me he had a red pine for sale right at the back and if I was interested I should take a look. I jumped at the chance and went...
  5. CWTurner

    Bonsai purchase

    Thanksgiving I traveled to Atlanta to visit family and fit in a visit to Plant City Bonsai. Enjoyed my time there and Steve's hospitality. I also made my first significant bonsai purchase, this Japanese Red Pine. It was dug from a field last January at Muranaka's if I remember correctly. I...
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