maple chop

  1. PABonsai

    Early Fall Maple trunk chop

    Last week I elected to chop this first year maple down due to a concern about fungus action up at the apex. My question is, since the chop is at the complete wrong time of the year, how do I deal with all this backbudding? Should I wait till it's a little colder and just rub the buds off to...
  2. drew33998

    Dirty south red hawg

    Here is Judy's piglet less refined, dirty south cousin. 3 years in the making. Year one I chopped the tree down while it was still in the ground. Year two I chopped it again from the new leaders it had grown and did some basic trunk selections leaving about 5 or so. Year three I dug up all...
  3. Johnnyd

    Noob seeking advice on Kashima

    Buds are starting to break and I'm planning to repot this Kashima into an Anderson flat . I am going to remove the 2 lowest branches and possibly more. My question is should I leave some top branches in tact to improve sap flow? I'm happy with the trunk size. Looking to develop a small to...
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