maple chop

  1. faker

    Overdue trident maple

    I've wanted to get a trident for a long time but never found one in my (low) price range that called to me. This one caught my eye when I was wandering around lone pine a few months ago, though I'm starting to see some issues the more I study it. Planning to do a major chop, cleanup, and repot...
  2. J

    Saving a maple

    Hello everyone, this tree might be a little difficult but i wanted to save it since it was going to a bin. Someone i know renovated their place and kept this maple as small hedge. I found it and asked to have it. Do you think there is any chance for it to become somewhat of a bonsai. Advices?
  3. PABonsai

    Early Fall Maple trunk chop

    Last week I elected to chop this first year maple down due to a concern about fungus action up at the apex. My question is, since the chop is at the complete wrong time of the year, how do I deal with all this backbudding? Should I wait till it's a little colder and just rub the buds off to...
  4. drew33998

    Dirty south red hawg

    Here is Judy's piglet less refined, dirty south cousin. 3 years in the making. Year one I chopped the tree down while it was still in the ground. Year two I chopped it again from the new leaders it had grown and did some basic trunk selections leaving about 5 or so. Year three I dug up all...
  5. BonsaiMatt

    Digging a Large Trident Maple

    This Trident has been growing in my yard for around 10 years, I think it was probably around 5 years old when I planted it. I had a bunch of earlier pictures of the trunk development, but naturally I lost them. I've allowed it to grow to 15-20 feet and chopped it back to the ground around 5...
  6. Johnnyd

    Noob seeking advice on Kashima

    Buds are starting to break and I'm planning to repot this Kashima into an Anderson flat . I am going to remove the 2 lowest branches and possibly more. My question is should I leave some top branches in tact to improve sap flow? I'm happy with the trunk size. Looking to develop a small to...
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