olive tree bonsai

  1. M

    Please help. Why is my Olive Bonsai Tree Dying?

    I recently purchased an olive bonsai tree for a great deal on Instagram from a small, unknown company. The tree was shipped bare-rooted with sand soil, so I repotted it in the largest bonsai pot I own with an inorganic mix of pumice and akadama. There is still some green under the bark, so there...
  2. S

    Which olive tree looks better?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently buying a bonsai tree. I looked at many different species, but the European olive tree one convinces me badly. I just love it. However, in the shop there are two of them. Both look good in my opinion, but I'm a newbie and it'll be my first one, so... I'll ask You. Which...
  3. ToastyWrench

    Olive tree mystery disease

    Hello! New to the forum and greatly hoping I can get some feedback on this. So as some general info I’m in the Midwest 6a and was recently gifted a very interesting olive tree fragment/stump. being in zone 6a I’ve got temperatures well below freezing for extended amounts of time so the olive has...
  4. S

    Developing roots on yamadori olive

    I collected a large olive stump last November and put in large wood box with pumice. The stump had shot up five or six talk shoots about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter and 6 or more feet tall. I trimmed those back to about 2 feet. I left an older trunk of 3"-4" and 2 feet tall that had emerged...
  5. V

    Olive tree bonsai

    Olive tree bonsai in progress.
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