1. Tbwilson33

    Pot ID help

    Can anyone ID the maker of this pot?
  2. W

    Having your roots done..

    You go to a hair dresser to have others fix that dead beaver on your cranium. You use a lawnmower to mow a lawn. Leaving things to the professional(s) equipment is always best. Pause. I wanted to get a mail-order brid.. ehrm.. Japanese black pine into bonsai soil and out of the potting soil. It...
  3. C

    Cedar training boxes?

    So I found a great mulberry stump that I want to collect come the winter. I also would like to get my Japanese maple out of its nursery pot when the time comes. I see a lot of people beginning training from collected trees and nursery pots into cedar boxes. I understand that these boxes are...
  4. S

    Drilling Extra Drainage Holes in Pot

    I just received this awesome Thor Holvila bonsai pot in the mail, but it only has one tiny drainage hole. I don’t have pictures yet, but you can see the hole in the second to last picture here: http://thorholvila.tictail.com/product/palm-size-1708-13-xxx. It would offer barely any drainage and I...
  5. sparklemotion

    The right tree for the pot - virtualization exercise

    I was struck by this pot that was posted by Harry Harrington on his Facebook feed today. The pot is by Pierre Rousseau. (image credit, Harry Harrington) I'm trying to get a feel for what look "right" when it comes to matching trees and pots, so I thought it would be fun to play around in...
  6. ConorDash

    Training/Grow Pots

    Hello, I am currently looking to pots, which won't look good, just for training and allowing a tree to grow whilst doing some work on it, such as chop and grow or getting it back to health. I feel that the root work, to fit it in to a nice bonsai pot can come after all of that. I found mostly...
  7. jordystokes

    American Bonsai Bags

    American Bonsai has a new product called BonsaiBags(TM). linked below: http://www.americanbonsai.com/American-Bonsai-BonsaiBags-s/1861.htm I ordered one with a pot from American Bonsai. It arrived a few days ago. Has anyone had the opportunity to use this product? or anything similar? Its...
  8. Skrawl

    Japanese Maple

    Hello all, I have recently acquired a beautiful Japanese maple and given it's size I am hoping to soon transplant it into a smaller pot. I understand how to trim the roots properly, but am looking for a good mix to plant it in. I know that plain old potting soil is not what you want, but as...
  9. jeremy_norbury

    I liked that pot too

    Acer palmatum katsura decided to force my hand on the repotting front. It's was marked for a repot but I guess late frost finally got the better of the Czech pot. 03134467 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr Well ready for a repot. 03134473 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr I broke the rest of the pot off...
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