1. M

    Does pot shape matter?

    I have a 10 month old ficus benghalensis as well as a 10 month old ficus religiosa. I'm trying to work on developing their radial roots and wanted to know if the shape of the pot matters (round vs rectangular vs square)? I'm assuming round is best for developing even radial roots?
  2. trigo

    On round pots, must the apex always break the lateral boundary?

    Ryan Neil says that on round pots the apex of the tree must always break lateral boundary of the pot, do you guys agree?? i see lots of round pots with centered trees on them... with their apexes also centered. If one goes with an harmonic design, shouldn't the pot also be symetrical with the...
  3. M

    Pot size and when to prune for ficus seedlings

    Hello everyone, I'm very new to bonsai and I am growing 2 ficus benghalensis and 1 ficus religiosa trees from seed that I would like to eventually bonsai. I have been trying my best to read articles and watch videos on this, but still confused about pot sizes. I planted these on Nov 10, 2022...
  4. MattE

    Some more 3D printed pots

    Here’s a Vietnamese style pot I painted to look old and weathered with dwarf jade And a square Chinese style pot I painted earth tones with my Brazilian rain tree both from seeds And then 2 other ceramics I found at a thrift store that I made into pots one with my serissa air layer I just did...
  5. Clicio

    Air Prune pots? Never again!

    Well, I have fallen for the siren's chant and purchased 2 air prune pots, one XXL and one XL, from AliXPress. During the winter of 2021, one and a half years ago, I've reppoted a big Malus and a fairly big Dawn Redwood into the pots, to get more fine roots closer to the trunk. It worked pretty...
  6. W

    Hot take: Root bound definition

    Merriam Webster defines a plant being root bound as "A tangled mess with little to no room for new growth". I agree with this definition. Because being root bound is a problem for plants, and there are signs like yellowing foliage, wilting, growth retardation, pushing the rootmass above the pot...
  7. vancehanna

    Pot No. 11 "L" is a craggy crescent pot

    Dimension shown in Photograph. Shipping is free. Please consider this in your bid as it is expensive. Auction starts at $30.00 and ends Midnight May 17. It has two drain holes and 6 wire holes.
  8. Lawrencek

    Repotting Chinese elm for first time, advice needed.

    Hello all, someone might recognize me about a year ago I bought my friend a Chinese elm bonsai and I posted a thread on this website about if everything looked ok because the trunk had a odd bend to it (advertised as broom style) and the soil looked dislodged. I got some good feedback on here...
  9. K

    Help - Information about newly acquired pot set

    Hi all, I just acquired a small set of 6 micro bonsai pots and was hoping someone on here had some more information than what the seller and I were able to piece together. According to the seller these pots are from Seto Tokoname and the person they had gotten them from had them for over 15...
  10. JuniperSol

    Anyone recognize this signature + chop mark?

    Found this pretty pot but I have 0 clue what this pot is. Anyone recognize it?
  11. R051 f.JPG

    R051 f.JPG

  12. M

    Fan shaped pot- Trees in unusal styles of pots?

    My wife recently purchased me a new pot as a gift, however it is a pot I would consider an unusual shape. What kind of style of tree would you put in a fan shaped pot (arched pot)? Does anyone have any examples of trees in a fan shaped pot? Wakazura bonsai is the name of the company I got...
  13. M

    Azalea style suggestions

    Hello, I have an azalea stump that I’m going to be transforming into bonsai. Pictured below is my desired front: Given that this is the front of the future bonsai, what styles would you guys recommend for me? I am not creative at all and I will not be able to create a beautiful tree...
  14. Yo Mango

    Stick with round pot or not?

    I’m looking to repot this tree here soon. Any opinions on what shape pot to go with? Should I stick to round, or go with something else?
  15. mwar15

    Custom pot auction. You pick the glaze!

    All right this is a test pot as with any custom pot it’s not perfect. What I’m gonna do is fire it and then whoever wants to be the high bidder will choose the glaze. With that caveat it may not be perfect but I’ll work with that person. Ask questions if needed. I will donate a percentage into...
  16. S

    Making bonsai from bought Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii)

    Hi everyone, This is my first post and my first experience with bonsai. I recently bought a Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii) and would like to style this to make a bonsai tree. I live in Stockholm, Sweden and came to the conclusion I am in "hardiness" zone 7 according to...
  17. Apex37

    Good Place for Bonsai Pots Online

    Trying to find a decent online store that sells bonsai pots, preferably ones that are frost proof. I'm looking to repot some junipers and can't seem to find a decent online bonsai pot store. Any recommendations?
  18. C

    Help me find the right size pot for my Potocarpus

    All im looking to repot my podocarpus. The tree is about 20”+ tall and is currently sitting in a 11” by 8” pot. What’s the right size pot for this size Bonsai? Should I size up to 12”-13” or wider? I prefer rectangular pots.
  19. SantaFe

    Finest bonsai pot I’ve ever seen

    I just acquired a pot by Roy Minarai that I think, for me, is the finest bonsai pot I’ve ever seen. It’s a mokko shape, 11.5 inches long. The layered glazes are stunning. Roy just keeps getting better...he told me he made this piece earlier this year. It’s in transit now, and I’m excited as hell...
  20. NaoTK

    New pot with uneven reduction effects

    Howdy, I'm happy to share this pot I pulled out of the kiln yesterday. The red color comes from copper being reduced by the kiln flame. After playing with this glaze for the last year I dialed in where to place pots to get the desired reduction. I think it would work great for a Japanese...
  21. L

    Lathed Bonsai Pots

    One of my other hobbies (very new to bonsai) is wood turning. A few years ago I rough turned this bowl out of a box older that fell in the back yard. I liked it so I sealed it and never finish turned it. Sometimes it's a huge coaster for my desk, sometimes its catching cashew shells. I included...
  22. Fl_bonsai

    Portulacaria afra repot !

    So today was the day I finally got around to something I have been putting off for awhile. It was definitely time for this jade to get a decent pot . So that led me to dragon tree to pick out a pot! If Anyone Is in mid to south east Florida should know about place , Robert was extremely helpful...
  23. S

    Target Soil Moisture Level for Juniper Procumbens nana

    Hello, I am new to bonsai growing and want to make sure that I am doing everything right for my bonsai. I am 99% sure that is a Juniper Procumbens nana. I just bought the bonsai for my desk at work and realized that the pot does not have a hole in the bottom to let excess water out. I am going...
  24. S

    Help Watering my Juniper Procumbens Nana

    Hello, I am new to bonsai growing and want to make sure that I am doing everything right for my bonsai. I am 99% sure that is a Juniper Procumbens nana. I just bought the bonsai for my desk at work and realized that the pot does not have a hole in the bottom to let excess water out. I am going...
  25. Tbwilson33

    Pot ID help

    Can anyone ID the maker of this pot?
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