1. grb

    Need Advice - Ficus Chop and Repot

    Hi nuts, I just bought this ficus (photos below) and I am looking to repot it, prune the roots (if needed), and possibly chop at the magenta line I am wondering though, is this chop too big? And will it rebud? I'll post all updates to this thread!
  2. kmaho

    Pre-bonsai for sale in Minneapolis, MN metro -pick up only

    My wife and I are looking to downsize and move to a townhome soon, possibly even move across country. As such, some Dof the pre-bonsai I've been collecting need a new home. Please message me if interested in anything. Not looking to mail anything, so you'll need to pick up in the twin cities...
  3. 20181013_182716.jpg


    Chinese elm in training . Pre-bonsai.
  4. 20190512_171559.jpg


    Azalea Stem cuttings. Collected May 12th.
  5. 20190513_185232.jpg


    Collected ERC . Pre-bonsai.
  6. 20190513_185330.jpg


    Hackberry pre bonsai. Full view.
  7. 20190522_165824.jpg


    Hackberry trunk view.
  8. 20190522_165906.jpg


    Hackberry pre-bonsai. Ground planted.Trunk view.
  9. B

    Help, please! Beginner in Memphis, TN looking for bonsai or pre-bonsai purchase recommendations

    Hi! I live in Memphis, TN (8a hardiness zone) and am looking to purchase a bonsai or pre-bonsai to work on while I wait for my Delonix seedling to grow. I am completely new at this as I have never cultivated a bonsai before, so I am looking for recommmendations for a good beginner bonsai or...
  10. Bonsaidoctor

    Pre-Bonsai Laurel Oak: next steps

    Greetings- My first post. Very grateful for this forum. I have been maintaining multiple small (shohin) potted trees in my collection for many years. But recently, I want to start growing pre-bonsai and be more active in development. I acquired this sample from a nursery for about $50- what...
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