1. cashew

    Cashew Pre-Bonsai - Need Help on What to Do Next!

    Hello all! I joined this forum because I am a total beginner and in desperate need of help. Two years ago I germinated some cashews trees from seed. Since then I've been just allowing them to grow and get stronger, but I'm starting to feel like I need to begin working on them. They look very...
  2. T

    Japanese white pine seedlings (Pinus parviflora)

    Does anyone have a current source for non-grafted Japanese white pine seedlings in the United States? I have seen several other threads from months or years past citing COVID-related supply chain issues and/or importing troubles that have made these more scarce. Any tips on where to find them...
  3. F

    Japanese maple (shirasawanum golden full moon maple) - pre-bonsai

    Hello! I bought this Japanese maple 2 days ago, and I need your help in taking some first decisions. I want this tree to develop a thick trunk, which means the tree needs a bigger pot. Should I wait until next year to move it into a different pot? Also, the soil seems to be just compost, and I...
  4. electraus

    Any reputable deciduous pre-bonsai vendors near the South Bay Area?

    I know there's Grove Way in Hayward, but most of their trees are already styled and I remember them being primarily conifers. Anything in the area that won't require me to drive for hours? Thanks!
  5. Alaskanrocket

    Cascade parvifolia training progression

    Well there's no doubt that I still lack the vision for what I perceive should be the finished style. However, I have been working with this Elm and practicing clip and grow training with some wiring. Here are some progress pics. July when received After Trim in September Growth from...
  6. PowerTap

    Pruning early pre-bonsai

    I have started these three trees from plug seedlings (yes I know this is the slow way, I have some larger things too). I'm aiming for some shohin sized trees eventually. This is the end of my first summer with them and they have grown a lot! Which is great, but I'm not sure how much to prune at...
  7. M

    Pre-Bonsai Starters - Move to larger pot or leave alone?

    Hey all, I am new to bonsai and am thinking about grabbing a few pre-bonsai trees, namely trident maple, black pine, to get comfortable with watering and feeding them properly. I read that it is not a good idea to repot trees in the summer but was wonder if just simply moving them to a larger...
  8. N

    Portulacaria Afra - Nursery Repotting

    Hi everybody. I'm Paolo from Italy. I'm pretty new to the bonsai world and a couple of months ago a started collecting some small Portulacarias (those already in bonsai pots usually sold for 15 euro in garden shops). Yesterday I was visiting a Bonsai shop in order to buy materials for my soil...
  9. F

    Nursery Underdog to Bonsai?

    Hey all, I have a presumed Deshojo (might be Shin Deshojo but I am no expert) Japanese Maple that I rescued from the sad corner of a local nursery about 2 years ago. I honestly didn't expect it to survive this long but now I'm attached and wondering what the process would be to take it from a...
  10. W

    Pre-Bonsai Trunk Thickening advice - Prune lower whips?

    I have a very juvenile pre-bonsai which in the past year has shot out a couple whips at the base of the trunk. I'm wondering if I should prune off the lower whips. My thought process is that since they're so low, they will only suck energy and thickness away from the main leader. I am...
  11. AnutterBonsai

    Satsuki from Whip Development

    Good afternoon everyone! I recently received my order of 3 satsuki azaleas from Wayne at Riverbend Gardens. I love their small foliage and wonderful flowers. The cultivars I will developing into, hopefully, one day to become bonsai, are: Kimi Maru, chitose nishiki & ai no tsuki. I recently came...
  12. chuckwc1

    What's your Pre-Bonsai Soil & Pot set up?

    Have a number of tropical and deciduous tree that are in need of a repot this spring and further growth before settling down into a bonsai pot. I’m still quite the beginner, but thought I could learn from everyone’s different setups. Read some older posts related to this, and learned a lot from...
  13. JEads

    Left Coast Bonsai

    Hello fellow BNutters. After completing my apprenticeship with Michael Hagedorn, I have decided to setup a small pre-bonsai nursery west of Portland, OR. My goal is to provide trees ranging from 1 year old seedlings up until almost finished trees. The first few years I will mostly be selling...
  14. _space_bard_

    What should I do with this Ficus group?

    A couple years ago I drove to Flagstaff for a Dr. appointment. It's a 2 hour drive from where I live so I figured I'd make an afternoon of it and stop by some thrift shops. In one of the thrift stores they had this Ficus patch growing in this god awful looking blue plastic pot with no drainage...
  15. Apex37

    Maple Have Potential?

    Came across this guy on eBay for about $150. I thought branching, nebari, and all look to be there, just wanted other's opinions if it's worth the price. Obviously would require a lot of work as this isn't necessarily a bonsai, but I see potential. Thoughts?
  16. grb

    Need Advice - Ficus Chop and Repot

    Hi nuts, I just bought this ficus (photos below) and I am looking to repot it, prune the roots (if needed), and possibly chop at the magenta line I am wondering though, is this chop too big? And will it rebud? I'll post all updates to this thread!
  17. kmaho

    Pre-bonsai for sale in Minneapolis, MN metro -pick up only

    My wife and I are looking to downsize and move to a townhome soon, possibly even move across country. As such, some Dof the pre-bonsai I've been collecting need a new home. Please message me if interested in anything. Not looking to mail anything, so you'll need to pick up in the twin cities...
  18. 20181013_182716.jpg


    Chinese elm in training . Pre-bonsai.
  19. 20190512_171559.jpg


    Azalea Stem cuttings. Collected May 12th.
  20. 20190513_185232.jpg


    Collected ERC . Pre-bonsai.
  21. 20190513_185330.jpg


    Hackberry pre bonsai. Full view.
  22. 20190522_165824.jpg


    Hackberry trunk view.
  23. 20190522_165906.jpg


    Hackberry pre-bonsai. Ground planted.Trunk view.
  24. B

    Help, please! Beginner in Memphis, TN looking for bonsai or pre-bonsai purchase recommendations

    Hi! I live in Memphis, TN (8a hardiness zone) and am looking to purchase a bonsai or pre-bonsai to work on while I wait for my Delonix seedling to grow. I am completely new at this as I have never cultivated a bonsai before, so I am looking for recommmendations for a good beginner bonsai or...
  25. Bonsaidoctor

    Pre-Bonsai Laurel Oak: next steps

    Greetings- My first post. Very grateful for this forum. I have been maintaining multiple small (shohin) potted trees in my collection for many years. But recently, I want to start growing pre-bonsai and be more active in development. I acquired this sample from a nursery for about $50- what...
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