1. LeoMame

    Prunus Mahaleb - what to do

    Hello Bonsai amigos, I've been gifted this Prunus Mahaleb, and even though I feel strangely attracted to it I'm completely blocked on what to do with it... I can't decide a front, I can't decide on branch selection and I don't have much vision for its future. I suppose this is all about...
  2. LeoMame

    Orange/brown spots on Prunus Mume

    Hello Bonsai people, I'm writing to you in order to understand if what I see on the bark of my Prunus Mume is ok or should I be worried. I purchased the tree one month ago and the bark was exactly like this; I inquired about it, out of curiosity (and ignorance) and the seller told me it was...
  3. LittleDingus

    [Dingus] Romantic cherry tree progression...hopefully...

    These trees were destined for the ground after a move planned in 2-3 years. Every house we've lived in I've planted cherry trees so was trying to get a head start ;) I usually plant the standards but the local nursery had these and, after some research, thought I'd give them a try! They were...
  4. B

    Emergency plum

    We had some construction work done and this plum had to go. Decided to try to save it and maybe transform it into something interesting it has a small branch comming out before the graft and another, in the back , from the graft. I have stored it in an unheated basement We use the fruit to...
  5. Sn0W

    Garden Centre Haul

    So Today I picked up these bargains. I posted yesterday about a Japanese Red Pine and went back today to pick it up. Started speaking to the manager again and ended up leaving with a lot more. I realise that I didn't put anything in the pictures for scale, but the JRP is a monster and the...
  6. A

    how much can seeds of one species vary? help needed...

    Hi everyone, I just joined bonsai nut because I need your experienced help. I bought pinus parviflora and prunus serrulata seeds, among others, over the last couple months. I bought several bags from different suppliers and I'm very confused, because they vary greatly in size and shape. So much...
  7. barrosinc

    Double white flowering prunus

    I just bought this from a friend. Still just deciding what to do with it. I might airlayer and make some money back or chop it back to the trunk today and repot.
  8. BonsaiButler

    Multi trunk wild plum

    Yet another yamadori prunus. had this for a couple seasons, thought the shape/trunks were interesting.
  9. ColinFraser

    Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)

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