1. N

    Help with prunus serrulata

    Hi! I am fairly new to bonsai and have started a prunus serrulata from seed. I am looking for some advice on what to do next. I am heading into fall soon, and then winter. During winter I will store outside under cover of snow (I live in Canada BC). It has grown substantially and is over a foot...
  2. Pitoon

    For the love of Prunus mume...

    So I’m seriously working with Prunus mume, currently working with 22 cultivars. I’m doing some personal research on the best rootstock for grafting onto as well as which cultivars will root best by cuttings. Here’s a quick look on grafting a bud onto rootstock. If this bud survives and joins the...
  3. Apex37

    Prunus Autumnalis in Zone 8a?

    I've always wanted a flowering cherry tree and found a really nice Prunus Autumnalis. Not sure if these would do well here in north Texas? They say up to zone 8, but with our heat, I wasn't sure. Anybody else have experience with them in similar climate or area?
  4. RoadManDenDron

    The ugliest trunk i could find (prunus)

    I went out in search of ugly (another thread) I was disappointed in what I went out for which I think is what led me to this After what feels like a lifetime I finally found something that definitely fell out of the mould of the clones I keep rummaging through I expect its not the 'cup of tea'...
  5. Kanorin

    Sapling Division: Kanorin’s Wild Plum Forest

    My order from the Missouri dept of conservation came in, which means its Forest season! What I got here was a mixed bag of wild plum bare root seedlings including American plum, sandhill plum, Osage plum, river plum, goose plum, hog plum, wild yellow plum, august plum, red plum, sand cherry...
  6. LeoMame

    Prunus Mahaleb - what to do

    Hello Bonsai amigos, I've been gifted this Prunus Mahaleb, and even though I feel strangely attracted to it I'm completely blocked on what to do with it... I can't decide a front, I can't decide on branch selection and I don't have much vision for its future. I suppose this is all about...
  7. LeoMame

    Orange/brown spots on Prunus Mume

    Hello Bonsai people, I'm writing to you in order to understand if what I see on the bark of my Prunus Mume is ok or should I be worried. I purchased the tree one month ago and the bark was exactly like this; I inquired about it, out of curiosity (and ignorance) and the seller told me it was...
  8. LittleDingus

    [Dingus] Romantic cherry tree progression...hopefully...

    These trees were destined for the ground after a move planned in 2-3 years. Every house we've lived in I've planted cherry trees so was trying to get a head start ;) I usually plant the standards but the local nursery had these and, after some research, thought I'd give them a try! They were...
  9. bluone23

    Emergency plum

    We had some construction work done and this plum had to go. Decided to try to save it and maybe transform it into something interesting it has a small branch comming out before the graft and another, in the back , from the graft. I have stored it in an unheated basement We use the fruit to...
  10. Sn0W

    Garden Centre Haul

    So Today I picked up these bargains. I posted yesterday about a Japanese Red Pine and went back today to pick it up. Started speaking to the manager again and ended up leaving with a lot more. I realise that I didn't put anything in the pictures for scale, but the JRP is a monster and the...
  11. A

    how much can seeds of one species vary? help needed...

    Hi everyone, I just joined bonsai nut because I need your experienced help. I bought pinus parviflora and prunus serrulata seeds, among others, over the last couple months. I bought several bags from different suppliers and I'm very confused, because they vary greatly in size and shape. So much...
  12. barrosinc

    Double white flowering prunus

    I just bought this from a friend. Still just deciding what to do with it. I might airlayer and make some money back or chop it back to the trunk today and repot.
  13. BonsaiButler

    Multi trunk wild plum

    Yet another yamadori prunus. had this for a couple seasons, thought the shape/trunks were interesting.
  14. ColinFraser

    Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)

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