1. proninyaroslav

    Pyracantha (Firethorn) foliage were damaged by frost. Is it critical?

    Despite the fact that it's under the protection of the wind and the temperature does not fall below -1C (30F), I still got frost damage on the leaves. Maybe this happened due to the rootbal freezing (?). This is his second winter. It grew until late autumn, but even the ripened leaves were...
  2. ZombieNick

    Ideas for this Pyracantha

    I have been growing out this Pyracantha for a couple years now. I think its time I did something with it because the roots are getting thick and the soil in the pot isn't draining well. Here are some pictures for context: There is a thick root breeching the surface and two more that have...
  3. proninyaroslav

    Dry spots on the Pyracantha (Firethorn) leaves

    This shows up on the leaves of this year. Initially, the tip of the leaf dries up, and then almost the entire leaf. The lower leaves are affected (leaves down the branch). Pyracantha is in inorganic soil for the first year and grown from a stump. What could it be, a fungal disease or root problems?
  4. B

    Can pyracantha be defoliated?

    Here’s my little pyracantha I’ve been training for a few years now. This year the leaves have really gained some size & I feel it ruins the appearance a little. Can pyracantha be defoliate to stimulate a second flush in the same way I’d defoliate a JM? I’m in the south of the UK.
  5. Sticks 'n' Triangles

    Pyracantha and General Pruning and Removing Flowers/Berries For Growing-on

    I recently bought this young nursery pyracantha 'teton' as I thought it had an interesting trunk line, nice tight foliage/nodes and good sacrificial branches. I plan to hard prune in spring/summer, to reduce the potential inverse taper points, then allow to grow on for a few years either in a...
  6. ConorDash

    Ugly Ducklings - Suggestions, advice please

    Hello, So these are 3 trees (1 is not an elm but 2 are so went in the Elm section, sue me!), that are my more experiment, worthless (apart from sentimental) and have no natural positives. So take off your master bonsai cap, with your taper and nebari talk and think more for fun and see what...
  7. Clblay

    Pyracantha Work for Spring

    Long time viewer, 1st time poster. I plan on doing some work on this Pyracantha I bought a few years ago. Has been growing in half wine barrel for a couple years. Would like to root prune and do some trim work in a few weeks. Looking to place in an Anderson flat for training. It's just far...
  8. Maloghurst

    Pyracantha material

    Just happened upon this huge pyracantha yesterday. Not the best time for collecting but it was going to be composted if not for me. I hope it survives the summer! Lots of potential in this one. It was very sandy sooil so I kept a some of the sandy stuff and mixed it with my diatomaceous earth...
  9. ConorDash

    Pyracantha Air Layer

    Hello, Not expecting a great deal of comments, as there isn't much to say about it yet really! This is an air layer I started nearly 10 weeks ago, and what its roots currently look like. I did worry that they aren't quite the colour of roots I was expecting but, I leave that to better minds...
  10. R

    help my pyracantha

    Hello all! Brand new to the forum and new to the bonsai business (or any gardening business for that fact). I've just received a pyracantha firethorn bonsai as a gift and I've been frantically Googling how to care for it. I've noticed a few blemishes on several leaves and I'm concerned for my...
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