1. S

    Has anyone tried Fremont Cottonwood?

    Hi everyone, I am new to Bonsai and even newer to this site. I have a few trees doing well (Blue Juniper, Live Oak, Arborvitae), and I am ready for my next. My favorite tree is the Fremont Cottonwood, and it grows everywhere in my area. I am hoping to find a good specimen growing outdoors...
  2. parhamr

    Can My Bonsai Tree Go Indoors? 2019-06-24

    This is an often asked question! I hope this flowchart will help you decide. Constructive feedback is welcomed—I’m not looking to start arguments. My goal is to make this as generally accurate and as broadly applicable to anybody facing this question. Please feel free to distribute and/or...
  3. Bonsaimennonite

    Questions about Growing Dwarf Pom from Seed

    Hello all, A few months ago I bought an "extra dwarf pomegranate" tree from Baker Creek Seeds. Out of twelve seeds, this one came up. (Here is how it looked in the first two weeks) This was taken in bright light, but the plant is normally in a dorm room with max 4 hours of bright light a day...
  4. sparklemotion

    How to ask a good question about a tree

    Welcome to the Nuthouse! We are excited that you've decided to jump into the hobby, and are looking forward to help you do what's best for your tree. You can save our time and yours by answering some of these questions up front. This isn't an official list or anything, but chances are if your...
  5. Qomsday

    Curious about Bonsai, but unsure where to start.

    Hi all, I've been stalking around the forum for a little bit now, and I've become increasingly interested in the art of Bonsai! A little bit of info before I start asking questions, I live around Atlanta, Georgia, a bit north. Right now I'm in Kennesaw (7b), but I could be moving somewhere else...
  6. MattE

    MY Question Thread lol

    So i thought i would create this thread for me and any other newbie and or anyone who has random questions they cant find the answer to. If you wish to respond or put in your .02 im sure it would be greatly appreciated by all. My one question i have to start this off as a noob is What is the...
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