1. Carapace

    How to propagate Coast Redwoods?

    Hi guys, I recently got 10 little coast redwood seedlings and I wanted to know what the best way to propagate them is, cuttings? air layers? ground layers? These are really rare and expensive (the transport is really) plants over here and I want to multiply them to give them to my friends. If...
  2. Y

    Dawn Redwood First winter

    Anyone who has had Dawn redwoods before have any ideas for this? Let it grow another few seasons before chop? Small chop now and thin some branches out?
  3. PowerTap

    PT's Coast Redwood #1

    Starting a progression thread / asking some advice on progression. I bought this coast redwood from Jonsteen Trees as a starter two years ago. My goal is to eventually turn it into a shohin tree. The first two years I've mostly let it grow out in 3 gallon pot to put some girth on the trunk...
  4. R

    Top 5 Conifers That Aren’t Junipers

    Every list I see of beginner species includes types of juniper, and although they are great, I’m curious as to what people think of other conifers. In your opinion, what are the top 5 easiest conifer species that aren’t junipers?
  5. Drekula

    Coastal Redwood w/ Inverse Taper

    Hey all, I’ve been scouring my local nurseries for a redwood I could turn into a bonsai. I finally found one that is a good size. After taking it home, I discovered that it had some pretty significant inverse taper on the lower trunk. I’m planning on letting this grow in a 15 gal pot for...
  6. 19Mateo83

    WTB collected coast redwood

    I’m hoping someone here that collects in coast redwood country can help me out. I’m looking for a collected coast redwood stump to develop a formal upright from (think general Sherman tree). Ideally I would like something with a trunk about 2 inches thick, about 18 inches tall with a little bit...
  7. skjohnson37

    Styling jin on Peter Tea redwood

    I recently acquired this tree from Peter Tea, and absolutely love it. My question is about the jin. The hard chop seems a different look to the soft curves of the branches and trunk. Should I do anything to the jin? And styling or carving or dremel work? I have patience but no knowledge or...
  8. nekobes

    Purchasing a redwood/young redwood care

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this hobby and would like any advice or input anybody is willing to give me. In fact, as of now, I haven't styled, nor do I yet plan to style, any trees. For the time being, I'm only interested in growing young saplings to raise in the coming years, while reading up on...
  9. Ferg91

    Judas tree, & 3 species of redwood stratification/germination

    Hello I currently live in St. Louis Missouri in USA. Six months into doing bonsai‘s and thus far I have been unable to germinate any Judas. I am roughly 1 for 100 in the redwood area. (Still alive but accidentally burn the starting leaf’s, growth is extremely slow but fully recovered from...
  10. Mr.Dr.K

    Redwood/Giant Sequoia repotting?

    Hello. I was hoping i'd be able to get some advice on if now is too late to repot a Redwood or a Giant Sequoia. I'm hoping to stop by my local nursery within the next week and see if they have any young stock of one of the species. I have seen the Giant Sequoia there in the past with roots...
  11. S

    HELP - Coast Redwood Needles Curling

    Hello new member here looking for advice. I've had this Coast Redwood for about 1.5 years. I had it potted in potting soil w/ a little extra grit to help w/ drainage (though I don't think it helped much). It grew great for the last year or so and now that's it has woken up for spring it's newest...
  12. F

    Dawn Redwood damage.

    I have three young Dawn Redwood trees planted this year. During a storm last night my miniature greenhouse got knocked over and the three trees took some severe damage. I’ve repotted all three and am ready to put them back outside but which each losing at least one of it’s branches is there any...
  13. Apex37

    Coastal Redwood in Texas

    Curious if anyone has experience with these trees in Texas or similar area and could share insight on care tips and all. Have the opportunity to possibly get one, but want to make sure it can do well here first. As far as I can tell, temperate range matches pretty closely, just a lot less humid...
  14. LittleDingus

    Redwood family progression

    This is my redwood family from almost exactly 1 year ago. August 15, 2019 by the timestamp on the photo. The far left is a dawn redwood I had planted from seed back in January of 2019. The middle is a coastal redwood and the far right is a giant sequioa. Both were bought as plugs when the...
  15. sixemkay

    California Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens Soquel) question re: potting up

    Hello Nuts, I just purchased a 3 foot redwood sapling (1-gallon) from my local nursery with the intention of training it into bonsai eventually (after 3-5 years of uninhibited growth). The plan was to just water and feed until dormancy, then pot-up. But I checked the roots today and this poor...
  16. GreatLakesBrad

    Coastal Redwood Cuttings

    Fun, low expectations attempt at propagating a healthy but young (3 years) sequoia semperverins that I’m attempting to grow and develop in zone 6a (survived its first winter inside and is pushing lovely new growth). Tennis ball containers and pretzel rods bucket. Hormex for rooting. Organic...
  17. backroadstraveler

    Coastal Redwood Questions

    I asked Brian Underwood the following earlier. I also wanted to post this message, to you see what you all had to say, so that it may help others who have similar questions. I haven't found a lot out there on Coastal Redwoods, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is what I asked him...
  18. Sn0W

    Dawn Redwood Clean Up

    So as per a previous post, I picked up 4 'Matthaei Broom' Dawn Redwoods from a local nursery. I wanted 2 originally but after speaking to the owner she offered me a 4 for 3 as she'd had them for years and wanted to get rid. Today I cleaned them up, removed some whorls and a lot of problem...
  19. George Small

    Dawn Redwood

    Any advice is welcome. When is the best time to trim ? Also what type / style pot would be the best. Tree is currently 44" tall. It was grown in grown and was potted about 18 months ago. Very healthy. Thanks G.
  20. ConorDash

    Bonsai @ Kew Gardens

    Hello, I recently visited Kew, Royal Botanical gardens in the UK, Richmond. Website. They had a very small greenhouse with Bonsai in, from around the world, so I of course took many pictures and 2 videos (for a bit more of a 3D look). These were very excellent trees, in my opinion. There's a...
  21. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    Rear view of the roots
  22. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    Front View Roots
  23. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

  24. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    I purchased this dawn Redwood from a Member of the Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai two and a half years ago. The tree was in a deep plastic pot with no roots showing. Last year i started removing it from its pot and kept raking away the soil. After almost 9 inches of dirt was removed i found the hair...
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