1. TurtleSquisher

    Until the DAWN of time

    Haha hi friends~ These are my beautiful Dawns I just received about 2 days ago and I am in love. They definitely need lots of clean-up and work done to them, but the potential of these guys really blows me away. Let me know if you have any type of feedback please, I encourage it. Here are my...
  2. TurtleSquisher

    Hi friends!

    I wanted to introduce myself! I recently got into this ancient hobby back in December and I wanted to start getting into the community since I've basically dedicated 10% of my lifetime to these little guys. I would also love any sort of tips on an improvement, within reason of course. So far...
  3. backroadstraveler

    Coastal Redwood Questions

    I asked Brian Underwood the following earlier. I also wanted to post this message, to you see what you all had to say, so that it may help others who have similar questions. I haven't found a lot out there on Coastal Redwoods, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is what I asked him...
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