1. MiyagiFan

    Sango Kaku Thoughts?

    Hello Bonsai Nuts! I'm new here and have been reading about the art of Bonsai for years but with very little practice. The extra time at home has re-inspired me to try again and take it a little more seriously this time. Very cool forum here with alot to sift through but would be interested in...
  2. gallina1594


    So my parents have this sango-kaku that had a lot of die off the past 2 winter's. There's still a live branch on it, and there's new growth all over the trunk, so I have hope! But my parents want to rip it out and start new. What's your experience with sango-kakus? Think I should try to bonsai...
  3. parhamr

    Progression of Acer palmatum ('Sango kaku' coral)

    May 2012 Found discarded at a curb in the city. February 2014 March 2015 The fertilizer is Osmocote 14-14-14. October 2015 December 2015 After a heavy prune back to the first or second internodes. I removed each of the above-soil roots at left and right because they were weak, too...
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