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    Hello there fellow Bonsai enthusiasts! My name is Nathan and I'm new to the community. I've posted once already but figured I would give my background on bonsai and ask for some oponions/advice. I've been interested and studying Bonsai off and on now for about 15 years so I already understand...
  2. B

    Starting on my 3rd Bonsai HELP

    So I'm giving a go on my 3rd bonsai and I'm not really sure what to do with it. It's a Dwarf Alberta Spruce. I cut some branches away including dead branches and small branches. Not sure what to do with the top yet. Any ideas? Image examples help a lot! Thanks!
  3. Wilson

    Junk in my clump! Poor mans counterfeit Ezo.

    I have always loved the clump bonsai, and when I saw the potential in this one I grabbed it. @MACH5 has shared some beauty clumps, and Michael Hagedorn's mt.hemlock clumps are a favourite of mine. I also love the images of ezo spruce, but will most likely never be able to buy one, so this...
  4. B

    Picea Abies dying

    Been growing without issues until recently. Don't know why. Watered 1 - 2 time daily. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Cosmos

    Collected red spruce (picea rubens) - repotting question

    I collected this small tree last October in Nova Scotia, under a power line. As you can guess from the first picture, collection was quite easy as the tree was growing precariously in clay-like sandy soil. I only had to cut about 3-4 longer roots to dislodge it, so I got almost a perfectly...
  6. WesternGrower

    Spruce Backbudding

    Well it would appear that I've managed to get my Blue Spruce to backbud, but only on one branch. Its worth noting, I didnt do anything special and I wasnt trying to get it backbud either. Do you think these buds will mature and open up this season? I see smaller buds forming on the hardened off...
  7. Saddler

    Picea Glauca Yamadori test tree.

    I was up north last week transporting an RV back to Vancouver and wanted to collect a few yamadori in various places along the back to test the conditions they were growing in for a future collecting excursion. I found one place that had some amazing trees. Dozens and dozens of trees worth...
  8. palagaban

    i have been biten by the bonsai bug last year and this is the results

    Treeeeeeessssss!!!!!!! hehehehehe its been a nice day today and the sun has finally came out to play... so me and my little assistent took the chance to water our little trees... hope everybody has a nice day... wifey is preparing some sushi for our dinner.... hehehehehe bonsai and sushi...
  9. Waltron

    Collected Spruce and Larch, my first attempt at group plantings

    http://imgur.com/a/85lot what do you guys think?
  10. M

    Pruning/wiring ideas?

    Went to home depot today and bought a alberta spruce. It cost about $9. I began to prune and thin it out a bit but not sure where to go from here. I figured it would be a good chance to practice some pruning and wiring techniques and I won't be too upset if I end up killing it or it looks...
  11. barrosinc

    future picea forrest

    So I bought 5 piceas I want to make a forest on a slab some day. Probably 3 years from now as the trees aren't the healthiest. 1 and 5 being like half the size of 4 and 5, and 2 being in between 1. This is kinda the order I am thinking by now... but can change in time. Plan: fall year 1...
  12. base797

    First bonsai pot for semi cascade spruce

    Engelmann spruce, ollected in 2011, initial styling last spring. Was in an Anderson flat earlier today. Noticed a very healthy root system and lots of mycorrhizae. Not the final pot and would appreciate any thoughts, virts, advice on a final pot in a couple years. All thoughts welcome. Caliper...
  13. base797

    Smallish formal spruce

    Odd that I am posting formal trees seeing as I only have a few. This one has a caliper of 3.5 inches and a height of 28". It was collected 4 years ago and got the bones set last year. No detail wiring till late summer/early fall. It came out of a mixing tub a couple weeks ago and into a training...
  14. base797

    Engelmann spruce- What would you do?

    So I collected this spruce several years ago from the high country in Colorado. Trunk caliper is a little over 6 inches. Late last summer I gave it an initial styling, extra foliage was retained for health and no detail wiring. At the time I considered a jin for the top front branch that would...
  15. Picea Glauca

    Picea Glauca

    White Spruce
  16. Black Hills Spruce - Yellow Mountains

    Black Hills Spruce - Yellow Mountains

  17. Colorado Blue Spruce

    Colorado Blue Spruce

    Collected 400 year old Colorado Blue Spruce
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