1. A

    Cascade Spruce Advice Needed

    A couple years ago I started a formal upright spruce from a sapling. During the rough Alaska winter we had it got knocked over. I. The spring it was mailable so I washed the roots and draped them over a fun rock I found. Then I buried it and wired into a cascade. The last two winters have had...
  2. czaczaja

    Czaczaja's 2023-2026 Little Christmas Tree Entry

    Went over to a couple of hardware stores at lunch to do my final sale hunt. Got 5 trees (Pinus sylvestris?) and settled on the one below. I see some people submitting a couple of trees and deciding to pick the winner later? Can you confirm if that's ok @Eckhoffw ? I was planning on doing some...
  3. pandacular

    panda’s 23-26 little Christmas tree entry

    Picea glauca ‘Conica’ - dwarf Alberta spruce We had already decided to get a living tree that would be maintained along with my other trees before this contest, but I may as well make an entry for this one. I think it will be an interesting tree to design, as my idea of a Christmas tree is...
  4. Deep Sea Diver

    Black Hills Spruce Raft - Initial Design and Progression

    Greetings! Received a Black Hills Spruce raft 9/22/2022 from Andy Smith at Golden Arrow Bonsai. It has four trunks and a somewhat eclectic layout, with great promise as a practice project. Here’s a suite of screen grabs from Andy‘s preview movie taken just before it was sent here. Andy had...
  5. Carapace

    I am very confused about the birds nest spruce

    So, I got a a birds nest spruce from a nursery last winter, I wired it and pruned it and left it in the pot for the growing season, I was expecting 1 growth flush as it technically is a cultivar of norway spruce. Well, to my surprise it grew new shoots on 4 different occasions, I even pruned it...
  6. Julio-Rufo

    Picea abies - European Spruce 02

    Hi all, I bought this European Spruce a few weeks ago. The material already had a lot of character, nice bark, some natural jins and a very cool pot (I could not identify the potter). I did a first styling of the spruce, setting the main branches and trying to remove as little as possible at...
  7. PowerTap

    Shohin Spruce Development

    I have a Sitka spruce that I'm developing from sappling to be a Shohin tree. I put bend in it when I started and it has grown a ton straight up. I'm thinking of treating it like I've seen black pine developed and cutting most of the intermediate branches off and letting the trunk thickin with...
  8. RMJoe

    Old White Spruce

    Here's a white spruce I picked up at a club this spring. It was collected in Maine over 20 years ago, and was very potbound. I reported it that weekend, into pure pumice, and have fertilized the heck out of it this year. It grew vigorously all spring and summer, and now it was healthy enough...
  9. Kodama

    Spruce heat tolerance

    Hello BNuts... having troubles with spruce. The birds nest spruce didn't make it through winter. :( The two Alberta's are suffering same die back. I realize this starting occurring in the fall. While all were well watered the summer/fall of last year was hotter than usual with hot dry winds...
  10. Isondiel

    Picea Glauca?

    I've been eyeing this spruce for several months now at my local nursery. It was heavily discounted and I tried hard to tell myself I already have enough trees but eventually caved and got it. Problem is, it was only tagged as Picea Glauca with no more info and the nursery person I talked to...
  11. L

    Spruce in Australia's heat

    I was gifted a kit to grow a Norway Spruce and it came with a little booklet Ive been reading through. Most trees have a dormancy period in winter, this booklet said to keep the tree somewhere just above freezing temp during that time. The problem is, where I live, winters get nowhere near that...
  12. SlayingCondors

    Serbian Spruce (Picea Omorika) Christmas Tree

    I found a (hopefully) living Christmas tree abandoned on the street the other day. It was a Serbian spruce (picea omorika), originally sold for just £10 in a local supermarket. Inspired by Corin at Greenwood Bonsai, I decided prune it, wire the primary branches and pot it up. I know the wire...
  13. Julio-Rufo

    Picea abies

    Hi all, I recently purchased this spruce - Picea abies, as raw material. It is a yamadori from the Voralpen in Switzerland, around 50 years old. This is the before: And here it is how it looks after the first styling, structural wiring and branch positioning. The bigger bendings where...
  14. James W.

    Colorado spruce "Semper dwarf" from nursery stock

    Picked up a Picea pungens "Semper dwarf" today. A little pricier than I like for nursery stock but I did talk them down to about 40% of the asking price. No graft that I could tell. Nice base. It looked a bit rough to start with. After cleaning up it looks better. I'll repot it next spring...
  15. Bad_Bonsai

    Regarding mid summer (emergency) repot.

    Hello, I've a problem with this spruce tree pictured herein, this photo is from a few weeks ago for a series I'm doing—I don't have any good brighter ones at the moment, apologies. What's pertinent here is the soil, today I cleaned up the base a bit—sap, gunk, moss, etc. I noticed that water...
  16. Backwardsvg

    Learning Black Hills Spruce

    So I did it again, went to HD and found a nice black hills spruce for $15 originally $75 I believe. I dug a bit around the base and took the picture and dug a bit more to find even more mass below that. I did not want to dig any deeper but i assume it continues. Trying to learn from mistakes...
  17. Shogun610

    Projects Trees at the studio (long term thread)

    Starting a thread based on work I’m doing at Kifu. Will have more to post as other trees are styled , and repotting begins in spring. First tree is a oriental spruce that I’m giving a make over on, too needs to be regrown but basic structure is set. One day it’s going on a slab, tried to capture...
  18. L

    Volunteer spruce (identification???)

    Got a little spruce that appeared in my yard this year, obviously volunteering to become bonsai. Naturally, I obliged and put it in a pot. Any idea what kind of spruce it is?
  19. K

    Colorado Blue Spruce help

    Hi All, so let me beginning by informing everyone that I have at least three years of bonsai experience. My question today is regarding this Colorado Blue spruce I purchased from a local nursery at the beginning of this year. It's very root bound, and at the time of purchase it didn't look like...
  20. Bad_Bonsai

    My 3 year old Alberta Spruce.

    This is my Dwarf Spruce I made from nursury stock. It was one of the first trees that survived my ever evolving overwintering process. I reppotted it into this in early spring, and cut the wire off today. My intention is to leave it be now for the next year, maybe more, and proceed with further...
  21. L

    Picea crassifolia

    Hi, I do love spruces. Does they suit good into bonsaï ? And remain healthy ? Anyone Care Picea crassifolia ? Thanks for your informations
  22. James W.

    Black Hills Spruce nursery stock

    I bought a potted Black Hills Spruce (Picea glauca var. densata) from Lowes last weekend. It appears to have been dug recently and just dropped into a pot. The soil is fine sand/silt and washes away easily (and weighs like it is solid rock). Can I re-pot this tree into good bonsai mix now? or...
  23. D

    Birds Nest Spruce troubleshooting

    Hey all So I was interested in some thoughts re my Birds Nest spruce bonsai. I bought this tree about 1.5 yrs ago in the PNW, it's been in Southern CA since that time. Last year the tree did really well until this spring when the needles tended to get brownish spots, which subsequently seemed...
  24. vonklutch

    My poor trees.

    Hi everyone, new here, new in general I like what you've done with the place. I am the owner of two very sad little trees who have suffered a mix of abuse, and I'm trying to help them pull through. Long story short, my wife and I recently purchased a house in the country and in our first year...
  25. T

    3rd tree, Norway "Little Gem" Weeper Progression from Nursery Stock, Any Advice, Criticism or Comments are Welcome

    Hi, I am new to bonsai. I have bought 4 trees so far from the nursery. This is my most recent. Nothing too exciting but its my only tree that looks like a tree right now haha. Let me know what you all think. I may also post pictures of my Boxwood, Hot Wings (Tartarian) Maple and Wells Weeper...
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