1. L

    Spruce in Australia's heat

    I was gifted a kit to grow a Norway Spruce and it came with a little booklet Ive been reading through. Most trees have a dormancy period in winter, this booklet said to keep the tree somewhere just above freezing temp during that time. The problem is, where I live, winters get nowhere near that...
  2. SlayingCondors

    Serbian Spruce (Picea Omorika) Christmas Tree

    I found a (hopefully) living Christmas tree abandoned on the street the other day. It was a Serbian spruce (picea omorika), originally sold for just £10 in a local supermarket. Inspired by Corin at Greenwood Bonsai, I decided prune it, wire the primary branches and pot it up. I know the wire...
  3. Julio-Rufo

    Picea abies

    Hi all, I recently purchased this spruce - Picea abies, as raw material. It is a yamadori from the Voralpen in Switzerland, around 50 years old. This is the before: And here it is how it looks after the first styling, structural wiring and branch positioning. The bigger bendings where...
  4. James W.

    Colorado spruce "Semper dwarf" from nursery stock

    Picked up a Picea pungens "Semper dwarf" today. A little pricier than I like for nursery stock but I did talk them down to about 40% of the asking price. No graft that I could tell. Nice base. It looked a bit rough to start with. After cleaning up it looks better. I'll repot it next spring...
  5. Bad_Bonsai

    Regarding mid summer (emergency) repot.

    Hello, I've a problem with this spruce tree pictured herein, this photo is from a few weeks ago for a series I'm doing—I don't have any good brighter ones at the moment, apologies. What's pertinent here is the soil, today I cleaned up the base a bit—sap, gunk, moss, etc. I noticed that water...
  6. Backwardsvg

    Learning Black Hills Spruce

    So I did it again, went to HD and found a nice black hills spruce for $15 originally $75 I believe. I dug a bit around the base and took the picture and dug a bit more to find even more mass below that. I did not want to dig any deeper but i assume it continues. Trying to learn from mistakes...
  7. Shogun610

    Projects Trees at the studio (long term thread)

    Starting a thread based on work I’m doing at Kifu. Will have more to post as other trees are styled , and repotting begins in spring. First tree is a oriental spruce that I’m giving a make over on, too needs to be regrown but basic structure is set. One day it’s going on a slab, tried to capture...
  8. L

    Volunteer spruce (identification???)

    Got a little spruce that appeared in my yard this year, obviously volunteering to become bonsai. Naturally, I obliged and put it in a pot. Any idea what kind of spruce it is?
  9. K

    Colorado Blue Spruce help

    Hi All, so let me beginning by informing everyone that I have at least three years of bonsai experience. My question today is regarding this Colorado Blue spruce I purchased from a local nursery at the beginning of this year. It's very root bound, and at the time of purchase it didn't look like...
  10. Bad_Bonsai

    My 3 year old Alberta Spruce.

    This is my Dwarf Spruce I made from nursury stock. It was one of the first trees that survived my ever evolving overwintering process. I reppotted it into this in early spring, and cut the wire off today. My intention is to leave it be now for the next year, maybe more, and proceed with further...
  11. L

    Picea crassifolia

    Hi, I do love spruces. Does they suit good into bonsaï ? And remain healthy ? Anyone Care Picea crassifolia ? Thanks for your informations
  12. James W.

    Black Hills Spruce nursery stock

    I bought a potted Black Hills Spruce (Picea glauca var. densata) from Lowes last weekend. It appears to have been dug recently and just dropped into a pot. The soil is fine sand/silt and washes away easily (and weighs like it is solid rock). Can I re-pot this tree into good bonsai mix now? or...
  13. D

    Birds Nest Spruce troubleshooting

    Hey all So I was interested in some thoughts re my Birds Nest spruce bonsai. I bought this tree about 1.5 yrs ago in the PNW, it's been in Southern CA since that time. Last year the tree did really well until this spring when the needles tended to get brownish spots, which subsequently seemed...
  14. vonklutch

    My poor trees.

    Hi everyone, new here, new in general I like what you've done with the place. I am the owner of two very sad little trees who have suffered a mix of abuse, and I'm trying to help them pull through. Long story short, my wife and I recently purchased a house in the country and in our first year...
  15. T

    3rd tree, Norway "Little Gem" Weeper Progression from Nursery Stock, Any Advice, Criticism or Comments are Welcome

    Hi, I am new to bonsai. I have bought 4 trees so far from the nursery. This is my most recent. Nothing too exciting but its my only tree that looks like a tree right now haha. Let me know what you all think. I may also post pictures of my Boxwood, Hot Wings (Tartarian) Maple and Wells Weeper...
  16. hemi71cuda

    Ezo Spruce cuttings

    My friend gave me an ezo spruce this summer because I’d been talking about taking cuttings and trying to propagate more for the future. I’m lucky enough to have started bonsai relatively young(30’s) so this is a project I’ll be able to see through. I recently completed my first attempt and took...
  17. TrunkTickler

    Nursery Stock to Bonsai, Order of Steps

    Hello bnuts, I've been in the deep end of the bonsai world for a couple of years now and I'm still confused on what the general steps should be from going from nursery stock to bonsai? My general question is, should the roots be worked/reduced first or the foliage worked/styled first? Is it...
  18. B


    Hello there fellow Bonsai enthusiasts! My name is Nathan and I'm new to the community. I've posted once already but figured I would give my background on bonsai and ask for some oponions/advice. I've been interested and studying Bonsai off and on now for about 15 years so I already understand...
  19. B

    Starting on my 3rd Bonsai HELP

    So I'm giving a go on my 3rd bonsai and I'm not really sure what to do with it. It's a Dwarf Alberta Spruce. I cut some branches away including dead branches and small branches. Not sure what to do with the top yet. Any ideas? Image examples help a lot! Thanks!
  20. Wilson

    Junk in my clump! Poor mans counterfeit Ezo.

    I have always loved the clump bonsai, and when I saw the potential in this one I grabbed it. @MACH5 has shared some beauty clumps, and Michael Hagedorn's mt.hemlock clumps are a favourite of mine. I also love the images of ezo spruce, but will most likely never be able to buy one, so this...
  21. B

    Picea Abies dying

    Been growing without issues until recently. Don't know why. Watered 1 - 2 time daily. Any help is appreciated.
  22. Cosmos

    Collected red spruce (picea rubens) - repotting question

    I collected this small tree last October in Nova Scotia, under a power line. As you can guess from the first picture, collection was quite easy as the tree was growing precariously in clay-like sandy soil. I only had to cut about 3-4 longer roots to dislodge it, so I got almost a perfectly...
  23. WesternGrower

    Spruce Backbudding

    Well it would appear that I've managed to get my Blue Spruce to backbud, but only on one branch. Its worth noting, I didnt do anything special and I wasnt trying to get it backbud either. Do you think these buds will mature and open up this season? I see smaller buds forming on the hardened off...
  24. Saddler

    Picea Glauca Yamadori test tree.

    I was up north last week transporting an RV back to Vancouver and wanted to collect a few yamadori in various places along the back to test the conditions they were growing in for a future collecting excursion. I found one place that had some amazing trees. Dozens and dozens of trees worth...
  25. palagaban

    i have been biten by the bonsai bug last year and this is the results

    Treeeeeeessssss!!!!!!! hehehehehe its been a nice day today and the sun has finally came out to play... so me and my little assistent took the chance to water our little trees... hope everybody has a nice day... wifey is preparing some sushi for our dinner.... hehehehehe bonsai and sushi...
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