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  1. B

    Mugo Pine help- Seeking Advice

    Hello, I just picked up a dwarf mugo from the nursery and I’m fairly new to bonsai. I need help on a style for the mugo’s first styling. It has about a 3 1/2 inch base but there is a large first branch and a straight trunk. What do y’all think I should consider as design options? Or orientation...
  2. gschup

    Abies koreana "Silberlocke"

    Hi there! Over the winter, I started getting interested in bonsai and have since then started a few, fun projects, such as germinating some pine seeds and buying and repotting some cheaper trees in the appropriate timeframe. I also contacted my wonderful local bonsai community. I dug a hedge...
  3. L

    First Styling Twin Trunk Nana Juniper

    Just finished styling this nana juniper, I think I’m going for a twin trunk approach. I would love some feedback on how I did or if there things I could improve upon.
  4. saad12

    Pinus roxburgi Pre Bonsai

    Here is my pinus roxburgi that I bought few days ago... It has long needles and is a bit heighted.. Was thinking of splitting the trunk and , taping and writing to give it few curls that will also reduce the height ... Still need styling suggestions from seniors considering it's needles size...
  5. L

    New to Pines. First Mugo Pine.

    This is my first pine it’s been a couple of months since thinning it out and trimming buds down to 2 per branch. Today I did some major chops to create taper and also did some wiring to creat some style. The lower right branch will most likely be a sacrificial branch after the trunk thickens up...
  6. raenstorming

    I could really use some styling advice for my Juniper procumbens 'Nana' cascade to-be.

    First off, I’m sorry these photos suck. I hope they’re okay enough to be useful. There’s an interesting branch (top of the trunk’s curve) that I plan on making the apex; I have it wired upwards into an S-shape already. Besides that, I’m stumped with what to do with the upper half of the tree’s...
  7. Apex37

    JRP #1

    I picked this guy up about 2 years ago. First year I repotted him into an oversized box that lead to severe needle cast. It struggled didn’t grow much at all that year. I decided last spring to repot it into a pond basket and it did exceptionally better. I just finished up needle plucking and...
  8. chlorine-queen

    Planning an approach to BRT over geode

    Some time back I got it in my head to try developing a RoR bonsai over a large geode and decided a BRT would best suit the look I had in mind. I found a nice rock first, and since I live in coastal Oregon where BRTs are nowhere to be found in brick and mortar stores, I ordered one from Wigert's...
  9. SmallTreeGuy

    Help styling Juniper with beautiful trunk

    Hello everyone! I’m in Texas, zone 8a. I’ve had this Parson’s juniper for about 2 years I I’ve let it recover for a couple of growing seasons, as I had given it a few pretty good insults since I bought it from nursery stock. (ie. changing potting angle, working roots and getting the king whips...
  10. H

    How to style this maple?

    Hi! I have no idea what to do with this butterfly maple. I've added wire but i can't form the branches right in any way. Maybe i should prune? I'm a beginner so i would appreciate your help!😀
  11. G

    Prunus Incisa (Kojo-no-mai) prune, design and front help

    So I got this prunus from a nursery, did the initial general prune and a bit of wiring and now I'm a bit unsure about what front to select and after that is done wich branches to cut next. My decision is between: a)b) I think in b) we can see the main trunk bend backwards, but in a) I think...
  12. Apex37

    Triple Trunk Trident

    Picked this trident up at Bjorn’s back a couple months ago for a steal. Been trying to decide which would make a best front. I personally am leaning more towards option 2 or 3, but would love to hear y’all’s thoughts. Plan is to cut back each trunk to the next major branch to start working on...
  13. Lawrencek

    What would you do to this Chinese elm to make it better?

    So we've had this indoor Chinese elm young bonsai now for about 2ish years (idk the actual age of it I think it's like 7 years old) and repotted it about 4/5 months ago for first time. I like it but would like it to be more 'impressive' I don't want to necessarily make it bigger but I really...
  14. Tntthunder

    Was given this Mugo Pine 'Mops' for free today. What next?

    Basically got a free Mops today and I am not sure what to do with it. I'm guessing I should develop it to make it thicker and put movement in it, but so far trying to move/bend the base it seems too short/thick to bend. Also not sure to do with all the foliage. I understand why it is called a...
  15. Apex37

    Texas Cedar Elm #1

    I picked this up from a workshop for $45. Thought it was a decent deal. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to work on the tree and so I’m working on my first trimming. There’s a couple shoots I’m not sure what to do with. Here’s the front: The first branch in question...
  16. N

    Developmental Indecesion re: My Wintergreen Boxwood. Need Suggestions!

    Good afternoon, my brothers and sisters in the art of bonsai. I am making my first thread on this forum, in need of advice regarding which direction I ought to take my newly-acquired "Wintergreen" Boxwood tree. I recently acquired this tree, along with a Serissa Japonica (which is doing...
  17. p_anova

    Japanese Yew Styling Help

    Hey all. Just left the DC Bonsai Festival (cold and windy) and obviously saw the amazing trees on display and felt inspired. Came home and started pondering possible fronts/orientation for my japanese yew. It is still in original soil and growing super healthy! Any and all opinions are...
  18. O

    Looking for styling advice on this P. Afra I just brought home

    Looking for some ideas on how I can style this P. Afra. It will be my first time doing much in the way of styling but I've done a lot of research over a couple of years and continue to read and learn. Here's a bunch of photos from different angles of the tree. I'm a really big fan of the type of...
  19. brennobonsai

    I want to make a drastic cut on my barbados cherry

    I've had this plant for over 2 years, it comes from an air layer of a tree that is about 10 years old here at home. At the time I didn't know anything about bonsai and I ended up making a cut that made me lose part of the bark. I've been trying to make a good design on this plant but it's been...
  20. RMJoe

    Nursery Seiju Elm Progression

    Picked up this Seiju Elm from a local nursery last fall - it was neglected in a back corner and well priced as a result. Chopped back pretty harshly and repotted into a (too) large bonsai pot. These bud out profusely everywhere, so put on a good number of branches over the year - just wired it...
  21. G

    Opinions on styling new cork bark maple

    Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I have purchased a cork bark maple and I’m looking to hear peoples opinions on styling it as the more options to visualise/choose from the better Attached are the pics I have from the seller and I will take more Sunday when I pick it up paying £120 Trunk is...
  22. J

    RMJ Design Advice

    Hey Bonsai Nuts, Here is an RMJ I was able to repot this year in early spring. I have not designed too many bonsais yet, so my experience in designing is very little. I've decided on two fronts but I really need help narrowing it down. I've marked where I'm imagining where I could possibly...
  23. J

    Scots Pine styling advice

    I seek advice for styling of this yamadori collected last year. I will lower first branch on the left, but appreciate any other view and ideas. e
  24. J

    Lets Play - Bonsai Nut Styles My Zelkova!

    Hey BNutters, recently the trunk chop on my chinese elm finally budded. I set an initial leader but since I can't decide on what I want to do with all the extra budding, I decided to let bonsai nut make the choice for me! You can submit any changes or styles you'd like to see it in and vote on...
  25. M

    Styling Advice for Fukien Tea

    Hi everyone, I bought this fukien tea about a month ago. It wasn't looking too good when I got it but it's growing very well now. I'm looking for styling advice because I feel it's too lanky but don't really know what to do with it. There's some inverse taper happening where all the branches...
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