1. A

    Gifted a Bonzai kit.. questions about flame trees.

    Hello, I am new to Bonzai and my wife bought me a kit online. 4 different species, Black Spruce, Colorado Blue, Brazilian Rosewood, and an African Flame tree… everything seems to be going splendid, but I have a question about my flame tree. Since I planted 3 seeds, two sprouted and one has...
  2. Carapace

    I will be trying Sub-Alpine fir var. arizonica as bonsai. Any tips?

    Hi, I am getting a couple of sub-alpine fir's, tiny guys really, just 30-ish centimeters. I am planning on repotting them into nice bonsai soil next spring and I was wondering if you guys know any care tips on them? It gets pretty hot on my south facing balcony in summer but I do have a north...
  3. Carapace

    Any tips on Hinoki Cypress nana ?

    Hi, I bought a very small hinoki cypress nana ( 10 cm ) and I would like to know if there are any tips on growing them as in any particular disease I should be wary off or how wet they like to stay? Thx.
  4. R

    Tips or experience with Trident Maple “Miyasama Yatsubusa”

    Today I picked up a young Trident Miyasama Yatsubusa and I was wondering what experiences other people have had with this kind of maple. I know they are dwarf and I have read some places that they tend to grow slow, bur does anyone have any tips or info they could share about this sub species?
  5. Carapace

    Should I do this when field growing?

    Hi, I wanna start field growing some trees and I've had this idea of planting the trees in a shallow plastic crate (like the one attached) with holes all over, so that it will be easier for me to dig them up and cut theirs roots every few years. I've been wondering if this is a good idea or not.
  6. Carapace

    Can anyone give me any tips regarding Atlas cedar?

    So this autumn I will order a lot of trees for a forest I want to plant and a few of those trees will be really young (4 y.o) atlas cedars grown from seed. I want to take one of these and start it's journey into bonsai. I was wondering if there are any niche things about this species that I...
  7. bill_plant

    Himaliyan deodar

    i have collected some plants of Himalayan Deodar from forest.And want to train as a bonsai.but someone told me that Deodar can not be replanted after you take it from jungle. Give me some tips Suggestions required. Thanks
  8. Ferg91

    Bonsai water lily?

    I wanted to add a couple water lilies around the shrine of bonsai I have. I wasn’t completely sure if you can bonsai water lilies either way I had purchased a few hanging planters for aquatics and was going to put water lilies in them. currently awaiting a reply from CZgrain for exactly what...
  9. Apex37

    Experience with Pruning Burning Bush

    Just curious other's experiences with this species. I have one I got from HD some time back that I'm planning on repotting and doing some pruning once spring starts up (usually here it's best the last week of Feb or first 2 weeks of March). Interested to hear about how well they back bud and...
  10. R

    All of juniper’s tips are browning?

    I’m unsure why but every branch, every tip of the foliage is starting to brown, I also see either no or little growth on any of the foliage (in UK). I used miracle grow all purpose fertiliser balls at the start of spring if that makes any difference. I used their recommended amount. This is a...
  11. P

    Just got my first Bonsai (Desert Rose)

    Hello everyone! My friend just gifted me with my first Bonsai. He gave me an Adenium (Desert Rose). I want to take really good care of it, but since I'm really new into this world I would like to ask a couple of questions, since one website says one thing, and the other says the opposite. 1-...
  12. T

    My first tree (maple)

    Hey im posting in hopes of some tips or future recommendations for my first tree. Its a maple. Ive done lots of research so im not clueless but any info will help! Thanks in advance.
  13. J

    New Junipers for great (?) price?

    Hey all. Still very new to bonsai, but I stopped by a nursery and fell in love with some grey owl junipers. And I feel like they were a super good bargain?! (Under 20$ each) Tell me what you think? Good for bonsai? Bad? What I should start with? I know they’re not in like great condition but I...
  14. B

    [9 weeks in] Growing my first plant, help appreciated!

    Hey fellow Bonsainutters, I started my first plant-growing venture after sowing Bonsai seeds from a Grow It starter pack ( As per instructions I've sowed the seeds in coir pots added a coconut compost disc and sealed it in a polythene bag, placing it out of direct...
  15. K

    Best beginning Bonsai recommendations

    Hey to preface...I suck at bonsai lol...trying my hand at it again and was wondering who has some good recommendations for a good beginning bonsai, one that won’t die too easily if I mess up. I currently have a basic little juniper ( you know those cheap ones at the store, my wife...
  16. Jordon Bigelow

    Acer Palmatum Koto No Ito (Japanese Maple Harp String)

    Hello, I am new to bonsai but have been reading quite a lot of information about it. I was wondering if anybody knows much about this species. What are the basic care guidelines for this tree? What kind of conditions should it be in? I live in an apartment with a small deck the faces the west. I...
  17. B

    Stone Pines (Tips for a Conifer Newbie)

    Growth style, tips for a newbie in conifers/pines. I'm thinking of going for a flattened hokidachi. No, I'm not crazy, and i know that style is almost unheard of in most pines, but it is the natural shape of a Stone/Italian Pine, and i put what's natural for a mature specimen in the specific...
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