1. Gsquared

    The Masakuni Ichban multi purpose tool?

    does anyone have experience with the Ichiban tool from Masakuni? I've always been a fan of their tools, at least back when they were more affordable. I'm interested in this one but want to know if what the word out on it was before sinking the $$ into one.
  2. Farwest

    California Bonsai Studio

    Just wanted to pass along that I recently purchased some Masakuni tools from California Bonsai Studio after seeing the @ColinFraser post for Black Friday. How refreshing. Great service, prices, and quality. Quick shipping. What else could I possibly ask for? I was looking for a kit and he...
  3. parhamr

    Die grinder recommendations please

    I'm wanting a rotary grinding tool for some upcoming carving work. What do you recommend? Criteria: Good value (not cheap; not expensive) Reasonably quiet Good for detailed work Durable Low maintenance Do I want it electric or air? If air, please recommend a compressor, too!
  4. cockroach

    Essential Bonsai Tools

    I am looking at getting some proper bonsai tools. Now I am not a brand conscious person I am just looking for a decent enough tool to work with. I know bonsai tools are not essential and I have been coping just fine (very subjective) without them. I have been into bonsai for over 6 years now and...
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