twin trunk

  1. PowerTap

    Twin Trunk or Informal Upright?

    I've had this Star Magnolia for a little over a year and I was initially drawn to its twin trunks. My plan was to eventually shorten the left trunk and make the right more dominant. But this morning I looked out the window at it and was struck by the idea of converting it instead to a single...
  2. skjohnson37

    Bald Cyprus root twist

    I'm honestly not even sure what to call this, nevermind what to do with it. I picked this guy up at a local nursery today because I was interested in the twin trunk effect (which I didn't see on any other BCs there, seedling or mature), but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do anything with the...
  3. RhyleeRebecca

    Twin trunk juniper styling help

    I’m rather new (couple years) to bonsai and I picked up this (what was labeled as) Grey Owl Juniper at a local nursery. It’s a good healthy tree and came already with some wire on it, and I’m not sure the best way to style this tree. It’s a twin trunk at the moment but feels a bit clunky...
  4. G

    Some help designing my maples

    I'm in need of some guiding tips for 2 of my maples. I got this one that I wanted to do a twin trunk style similar to this image My idea was to cut the red branches (letting them grow to create a bit more tapper in the bottom), keep the green one and now I don't know if I should cut the blue...
  5. Baker

    Hinoki Cypress styling advice

    Hello all! I’ve only posted here once (asking for hinoki advice) but I spend many hours here reading. Since my first post I have fallen ever deeper into my bonsai addiction. Let’s just say both my porches are full of trees. Anyway, I have got a few Hinoki Cypresses and one sawara cypress, so I...
  6. Bu-Jetjet

    Hollywood Juniper grafted with shimpaku

    The time has finally arrived! I finally received my sensei’s (Roy Nagatoshi) blessing to cut-off the approach graft we did from 2019. 🙌🏽 One of my 4 junipers.... and probably my only graft. Waiting on this thing to be successful gave me more anxiety than grad school 🤣
  7. Saddler

    Azalea Lost It’s ID

    I’m hoping someone here can help me identify this azalea. I have had them a year and a half. The previous owner doesn’t know either.
  8. jriddell88

    Sokan Juniperus Chinensis Prostrata, Father /Son

    This ones for my son Need to clean some pots :confused:
  9. cdefoe

    ficus microcarpa

    greetings, this is my ficus microcarpa. i just started getting into bonsai after attending the local club's spring auction in june. i have been practicing on some pre-bonsai material i've picked up at the auction and local garden centers. i've been doing a lot of reading and video watching...
  10. Saddler

    A Jade Tree I Have been "Styling" For Five Years

    My Mom has been growing this tree for almost twenty year in the Yukon. She managed to get it to flower every year, the only Jade trees I have seen in bloom. Every year or so I would go up and prune it back because it would get too big for her and she was afraid of killing it. When she moved...
  11. jriddell88

    Couple of ugly ducklings

    American elm from @Stickroot finally got the chop this year and a new pot finally I carved away all the dead wood ,took a handful of root cuttings from the left side a few didn't make it but I'll post some pictures later , and a poor little shohin yatsubusa black pine with a burl. Half are...
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