weeping willow

  1. BonsaiTreeAdmirer

    What is wrong with my cuttings?

    Hi! Complete newbie here. 7B, Bonsais are being kept outside during the day (when its warm and sunny) and inside during the night (or when days are gloomy and cold). Watering once a day and plants are potted in bonsai soil. I purchased three different species of willow cuttings (Dragon...
  2. Perrywinkle

    Weeping Willow Yamadori

    Hello everyone. Come spring I'm thinking of collecting a weeping willow (Salix babylonica) growing near my house that has a beautiful double trunk. I just wanted to bounce around ideas with you guys on what direction I should take the tree since the trunk gives a lot of options. As you can see...
  3. A

    Weeping willow madness

    Hi, I live in Toronto and right now the temperatures are between 9 and 0. Right by my university there is a big pond with a huge weeping willow right beside it. Beside the weeping willow there are all these very very young weeping willows. I have a few questions about them? I have never...
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