1. proninyaroslav

    Leaves of the Chinese Elm in winter: to leave or not?

    For several years I overwintered my Chinese Elm without leaves at -1C/+5C (30F/41F). I forcibly removed the leaves every winter. This year I was advised not to remove the leaves, but I'm afraid that due to the evaporation of moisture from the leaves, the branches will dry out, as the substrate...
  2. P

    How to wintering plants on the open balcony

    Hello! I am looking for some tips/lifehacks/advice about wintering bonsai on the open balcony (without windows). My zone is 6a. The lowest temperature last 3 years was 13-14 degrees Celsius. But the average temperature in winter is -7 -5 degrees Celsius. I have some maples, pomegranates and...
  3. H

    Winter Protection Methods

    Hey y’all! As winter is upon us and some are experiencing snowfalls, I thought it would be cool for everyone to show off their protection methods they use for their collection. In addition to a chance to show off your plans and collection, I think it’d be cool for some of the newer people to...
  4. NorthStar2013

    Gifted a Japanese Maple - Need fall/winter advice

    Hello. After spending a few weeks talking and learning about bonsai, I was gifted my first, a Japanese maple, yesterday from my very well-meaning girlfriend. It came with a book (101 Essential Tips) and I’ve been watching youtube videos on watering and specifically on not over watering. I’m...
  5. Bloodwar

    Pomegranate winterizing dormant help

    Looking for some information on how to go about winterizing my pomegranate, and dwarf in zone 5 Illinois.from what i understand zone 5 is way to cold for pomegranate.Ive got a indoor grow tent that i grow tropicals in, ficus ext ,i know pomegranate need a dormancy period like...
  6. M

    Winged Elm

    Searching for information on the best ways to winter-over a winged Elm in central New Hampshire.
  7. CovertNeo

    When bring trees out of Garage?

    Anyone around Southwest (Blacksburg) Virginia, or USDA Zone 6b give me some advice on this one? This is the first winter I've owned some deciduous bonsai trees. They have some buds and a few have started to pop out as well. I'm guessing it's probably time to bring my trees out for sunshine...
  8. jordystokes

    Watering with ice cubes???

    This is my first winter, so please excuse any nonsensical thoughts, misconceptions, or just plain ignorance. :) I read a lot of posts and blogs in preparation for winter. In one of my readings it said that you should never water a frozen tree or water when the temperature is below freezing...
  9. P

    Coastal Redwood Wintering

    Hi all, Last November I seed started ponderosa pine, japanese black pine, piñon pine, and coastal redwood. I have a good idea of how to winter the pines but am unsure of what would be best for the two coastal redwoods. I live in Denver and have only east facing windows. Any advice would be...
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