1. Joelshack2362

    Free Craigslist Zelkova

    Got this for free off Craigslist. Was told this was a Zelkova so if anyone with more experience can ID this as one that would be appreciated. I will let it recover for this year and then hopefully cut it back to the lower portion. The idea would hopefully create a nice broomstick bonsai. Not the...
  2. TrevorLarsen

    Trevor’s Zelkova Serrata (Japanese Elm) Forest Progression.

    I bought these trees all from Bonsaify and @Eric Schrader. They came all barefoot and I planted them in spring 2024. I planted them in an Anderson Flat to grow out. I was happy with the layout, but I am sure I’ll change it once I get it in a bonsai pot.
  3. trigo

    should i buy this Zelkova? help identify?

    Im thinking of buying this Zelkova, the seller says it has approximately 20 years. 5,5 inch of trunk base and 18,5 inches high without the pot. So what do you guys think? the seller is asking for 400 usd (converting from my country currency) how much would you pay? Also what variety of zelkova...
  4. Scrogdor

    Zelkova Material?

    Thoughts on this Zelkova Serrata material/ potential? Tree is around 18-19” tall. I’d carve out the top there to make it concave/ taper. Cut off some of the nob scaring on the sides. Then either reduce to around the red lines or the blue lines. For a broom. Also seems to be a number of ways...
  5. J

    Lets Play - Bonsai Nut Styles My Zelkova!

    Hey BNutters, recently the trunk chop on my chinese elm finally budded. I set an initial leader but since I can't decide on what I want to do with all the extra budding, I decided to let bonsai nut make the choice for me! You can submit any changes or styles you'd like to see it in and vote on...
  6. MrWunderful

    Sapling Division: MrWunderful’s Zelkova Forest

    I started these around 17’ from seed, in the ground. This group was the left over garbage that didnt make the ground growing cut after another year. Since I didnt care that much, I figured I would be aggressive on the roots and try something I read about but didnt see often- using hardware...
  7. Fishtank307

    Zelkova root over rock

    I made this root over rock planting from a two year old zelkova cutting. I had the rock laying around for some time, it came from a river in the Ardennes. The cutting fits perfectly on top and I made sure none of the roots were crossing. I tried to create a good flow in the roots, moving them...
  8. JoeR


    Just want to share my latest project, a cement forest pot I made for some zelkova and trident seedlings I had. Zelkova were grown from seed started in maybe 2016/2017, trained independently and then assembled last spring. Tridents came from plantcitybonsai in 2016, and I was told they were 5-7...
  9. Clicio

    What the heck is happening to my Zelkova? Gone crazy?

    I got this seedling from @leatherback as I couldn't find nice Zelkovas around São Paulo. So he was kind enough to provide me some whips with roots wrapped in wet newspaper and.. They all took. This winter this one had no leaves at all and was like 15cm tall, and 3 months later it is almost 1...
  10. Anjin Blackthumb

    Zelkova question

    Hey, everyone. So, got a bunch of trees earlier this summer from EGW. Brent's instructions were to slip-pot immediately after arrival. Only problem was when that happened, the only soil I had lying around was regular potting soil. It's always damp, has a hard time drying out. I'm really afraid...
  11. faker

    Zelkova ROR project

    I've been working on this Zelkova for a few years now and wanted to start a thread to track progress and get some feedback. 2018: Repotted this year and changed the angle: I think I'll be planning a major chop/cutback sometime this year or next year depending on how fast it grows. Poorly...
  12. Gsquared

    Pretty little zelkova

    This little zelkova was a volunteer growing in a median. This baby looks to be about 2 years old. The roots were decent, and distributed somewhat evenly. What appealed was the nice straight trunk and the graceful flare at the base. It is about 1.5” at the base and 3/4” a few inches up the trunk...
  13. defra

    Zelkova nire

    Saturday on noelanders i bought this small zelkova nire i bought it because i saw a good informal upright tree in there Also were does nire stand for? As the buds are already swollen up It does need to be repoted soon but also means i need to give it some extra winter protection i hope to...
  14. dirk hoorelbeke

    Zelkova serrata (2013-...)

    Not having a little broom in my collection is not an option and what is better than starting a zelkova for that matter. In 2013 i found a zelkova stick in the local bonsai nursery. I looked for straight trunk this time and this was as straight as i found that time. April 2013 Repotted and first...
  15. Ingvill

    Newbie to forum & Bonsai: To be or not to be a Zelkova?

    Hey guys! I'm new to posting on the forum and new to bonsai. I have enjoyed reading (and laughing) on this forum for a lil while now. I love the way this forum keeps a sense of humour and that the tone is always friendly, even to us "annoying lil rookies" lol. I've always thought bonsai trees...
  16. cmeg1

    Growing Elms

    Really want to get growing at the new home.Waiting for seeds to stratify another few weeks. Kinda' bored,so I made a quick sketch of what I have planned for the trees. -Grow in 8"-10" low bulb pans. -First growing season I will probably uproot at least once to make sure roots are radial. -Wire...
  17. ColinFraser

    Zelkova Leaf Reduction

    I think I'm getting there ;)
  18. Grant Hamby

    Looking for Zelkova Material

    I'd really like to have a small broom-style zelkova but I'm having a hard time finding any material. I'm not necessarily looking for a "finished" tree, but something less developed with potential. Any and all recommendations appreciated! Thanks!
  19. Brian Van Fleet

    The 5 Year Zelkova Challenge

    So here is a project I've been working on since '06 and I'd say I'm at about the halfway point. This is a Zelkova that belonged to a friend, given to him from another friend, who styled it with Ben Oki in the 80s or 90s. Neither of them were satisfied with how the tree looked, but since it had...
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