A Day At The Nursery


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Hello all,
Was at the nursery today (New England Bonsai Gardens) and took some pics. Thought I would share. It was difficult to get a good pic becasue there is so much material and not enough neutral backgrounds.



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and more.....


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and still more...


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Rob I did my drool tour thru there about a month ago when the Tower Hill Show was on, a few of us went over for a couple of hours.
Hi Bill..When was that? I am usually up at the nursery on Wednesday mornings and Sundays during the day..

Rob , whatever you do don't let Harry see those JBPs. And how the hell do they keep Callies alive ? Or are them grafted ?
WOW, much better than their website indicates. Thanks for sharing...always cool to see shots of bonsai nurseries.
Rob I believe it was May 21, our club is part of a nice little show at the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens, we had all set up etc. and had time so we beat feet over to see what was going on. I almost asked if you were there that day, but from what I saw it was more of a beginners work shop.

I was lax, next year I will post an announcement about it, it was my first for this one, but it is worth a stop by, there were some really great trees. Todd was there set up for vending from Sanctuary Bonsai as well. The gardens themselves are worth the trip, so if you need something to do.
Hello Dwight... They do alright at the nursery.. I think it depends on the individual tree. They do protect their trees well, if needed, in the winter....

Hello Brian V.. Ya, the web site is not indicative of the nursery

Thanks Brian U.. I look forward to it

Hello Mike.. That bouganvillea is massive,, I would say maybe 6 feet tall and 3 1/2 feet wide.

Hello Bill.. Yes, next tiem you are aup tha way on a Wed or Sunday.. let me know a few days before hand..

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