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Honolulu Hawaii
Hey all, my friend went back to see the old japanese man this past weekend. The old man was not as friendly this time, but did let go of 2 more jbps(i think its hard for him to let go). My friend kept a nice slanting jbp & I was fortunate to acquire this one.

I'm guessing that when you're 85 yrs old slip-potting or repotting is out of the question & you just tie wire around the crack pot & move along:)

Thats about 2 1/2 inches

This tree had much happier roots. I just removed half the soil this time.

This tree has nice taper from the soil until about 3/4 of the way up & then the appex just goes every which way!! It beats the crap out of me to think that someone would develop such nice taper & just kinda give up at the top??

Anyways, heres the tree in its new pot

Nothing will be done to this tree until it gets super healthy. The appex will definitely be a priority.
Beautiful. Cant wait to see what you do with it.What do you have in mind for the new apex?
Thanks JJ, being that the trunk is straight as an arrow, it kinda forces me into formal upright.
I'm thinking something along this line.
I agree with you Rick, the guy has some good stock. I've been studying this tree & it has lots of branches to choose from. Once this tree is super healthy, I will shorten the tree from 24 inches to anywhere between 12-18 inches & choose a new leader. I also will have to start chasing the branches back some to get them more compact.........thats the plan so far:)
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