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Hi there,

I got some Barbados cherry seeds the other day, and would like to germinate them, but the seller didn't give any really useful advice.
I did what he said, but no results. So, I soaked 2 seeds for 2 days, then put them into a mixture of soil and sand, covered them with kitchen folie. I have been watering them (sprinkle, if needed), to assure the moisture. This was a month ago, but no results.

Any ideas what should I do?
I live in Hungary (USDA zone 5-6).

thanks for the advice!
I don't know about barbados cherry but with other cherries the best way is to swallow them whole then dig a hole where you want your tree and sh*t them in the hole. I am not shitting you i lived in an orchard cooperative for 2 years and this was how the hippies living there propogated cherries and it worked very well despite being somewhat unorthodox.
Oh John, you too.:eek: or e tu John.

Ok where is the holding the nose emoticon.

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yeah...Deus succuro mihi
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BArbados cherries aren't cherries. They're tropical and are quite different from temperate cherry trees.

I'd stop being so attentive to the seed. You're overwatering them, which will cause rot. Leave them alone, put the pot in a place where it gets morning sun and wait. Since they're tropical, you cannot leave them outside in winter...
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