Best Japanese Cherry For Bonsai


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Anyone know what Type of Japanese Cherry's are the best candidates for Bonsai? Or are all just about the same? Would be a species that preferably can live in zone five so I can have the option of field growing it, but I can work with something a little less cold tolerant since I can overwinter in my garage with extra care if needed. I was thinking Kwanzan but was unsure if it would be the best visually aesthetically type for bonsai. I'm sure there's more than one person out there on this site with japanese cherry's so feel free to chime in.

I guess nobody has anything to say on the subject.:(

There are many varieties of Prunus sp. to choose from. Size, color etc. of the flower, cold hardiness, fungus resistance, etc. You should look at the Evergreen Gardenworks website; I believe Brent has
(5) varieties of flowering cherry to choose from. They grow quickly - but it takes some work to get a good size trunk with taper. They want to grow straight and very cylindrical. One note of caution - stay away from grafted material commonly found in nurseries, big box stores etc. The graft union will never disappear and you will have poor taper in the area above the graft union. You may luck out from time to time and find a good even graft. The leaves can get large on some varieties and towards July - August they are not much to look at - but you grow them for the late winter - early Spring flowers. Good Luck...Tom
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