Cedrus libani seedling still stuck in sead coat


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I got some of these ceder seeds. The package said "kept in cold storage, sow immediately" so that's what I did. I put it in really, maybe too fast draining mix. I kept them outside for a bit but when weather became colder I move a few pots outside.

Now after 9 weeks one seed has appeared above the surface with a long stem beneath it, pushing it up. These seeds had me worried a bit, so I was happy to see that. I saw some conflicting stories about how deep to sow so I decided to sow it very near the surface. But of course I don't see any leaves. The seed coating is basically entirely intact except for the stem that comes out of it.
I know some seeds do this when they were buried too shallow and that there is a risk they will choke in the seed coat and never be able to 'unfold' their seed leaves.

Is this normal for cedar seeds? The seed is almost 2 cm above the soil. Should I bury it that deep with new soil? Should I wait? Should I attempt to crack open the seed coat? I have done this with a capsicum seed once.

So far I have only one seedling out of like 9 seeds. Maybe more will germinate, maybe not. So this one is quite precious. I will probably order more if I get just one cedar out of these.

Just hang in there. As the new leaves elongate, they will push the hull away and it will fall off. It is a very beautiful thing to watch.
The Cotyledons will push themselves out of the seed shell by themselves making the seedling look like a spoked wagon wheel on the end of a broom stick. Then, the growth of the tree will appear in the center of the whorl and needles will appear as the seedling gains strength.
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