Chinese Elm Repot or not?


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Washington, DC
Hi all,

My Chinese Elm has black spots that started to appear on it's new leaves, so I simply plucked them off, but then the spots spread to the other leaves so I sprayed it with an earthtone fungicide (the kind sold in the pink bottle). And now the leaves are falling off. I'm assuming this is normal since I treated it with fungicide and there are lots of swelling buds in each leaf node.

I believe this black spot fungi appeared because we had over a week of rain, in which case the soil stayed soaking wet too long. I Chinese Elm was purchased at a local Bonsai nursery about 4 months ago, and it was grown in a greenhouse. The main care taker said it can be repotted any time. I read it was best to wait till early spring, but I also read it's fine to repot whenever there are new buds swelling (which is happening now).

I would actually like to repot it because the tree has been in potting soil this whole time, which I believe is what caused the fungi in the first place.

What should I do at this point?

Your tree has black spot disease (yeah, that's reall what it's called...:D)

Elms are notoriously susceptible to it. It can be caused by watering the leaves. A sprayed fungicide can help. No need to repot the tree, unless you want to.
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