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Essex, UK
So I’ve noticed my leaves on my kiyohime looking a bit worse for wear. Can anyone tell me what this is. Is it fungal? Am I overwatering?. I’m watering daily!in the mornings before I go to work. I check the soil and it’s never wet before I water, just very slightly moist.


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Looks like something, that’s for sure...

Some more information about the tree, and location will help us to help you, traveller.

How long have you had the tree?

Some closer pics of the substrate would be great. Do you know what composes the “soil” it lives in?

How much sun does it receive?

Are there nearby landscape trees with fungal issues?

Have you repotted recently?

I’ve had the tree since November. It gets morning sun through to around late afternoon.I live in UK.
I haven’t repotted this year I planned to do so next.
I haven’t long been into the hobby and I caught the bug pretty quickly and bought up different varieties of maples which I love so keeping them alive and healthy is my main priority. I’ll show some close ups of soil. I can’t say what it is to be honest. I hope this helps.
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Wait on repotting.. Gotta get ‘er comfortable FIRST.

I never “work” a sick or struggling tree.. anymore. 🤣

I can’t say for sure.. but it seems that the soil, even though I haven’t seen it.. MAY be holding too much moisture... and may be a fairly large container (which isn’t the issue, but a large pot of retentive soil CAN be)

How’s the airflow around the tree?
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Apologies for the pictures to look like this. For some reason I couldn’t upload actual size photos
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