Help Identifying my tree!


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Phoenix, AZ

I believe this tree is either a Chinese or Japanese Elm however I'm not sure which. I ordered a Fukien Tea Tree online and instead I received a different tree so any help Identifying it would be of great help!

Here are some pictures:


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That is an Ulmus Parvifolia..
(Chinese Elm)... it is often sold as an indoor tree... but “indoor trees” don’t exist. (I shall touch more on that in a second.. The Ulmus Davidiana (Japenese/David’s Elm) is less common.. and normally not seen outside of the landscape market, because it is VERY similar to the American Elm.. but MUCH more disease-resistant.

Ok.. so by “indoor trees”.. what is ACTUALLY meant is, “can tolerate conditions indoors, until able to ‘go out and play’” ( Super advanced, contained/regulated grow rooms coupled with “easy-going” species are the only exception to this rule)

Ulmus Parvifolia CAN tolerate the coldest parts of winter indoors.. but they are zone 5... so it’d have to be pretty cold to “tick them off”..

If you update your profile to reflect your general location/climate zone.. we can help more by understanding what environment your plants have access to.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Thanks for helping me out! I live in Phoenix AZ which is 9b as far as I know.
Oh DANG... that’s HOT.. :)

Get that fool outside! ;)

Do you have... access to “outside?”
Yeah I'm making a spot for it right now so it'll get sun from the morning until about 12. Does that sound good for the plant?
Yeah I'm making a spot for it right now so it'll get sun from the morning until about 12. Does that sound good for the plant?
More sun IF POSSIBLE for it’s PERMANENT placement. (If that’s not possible.. rise -noonish WILL work)

But if it’s been living indoors... gotta work up that “base tan” ;) bring it out into direct for like 1/1.5hours tomorrow (then shade)... then like 2.5 Hours next day (then shade)..(So on..) once you hit 5 hours, he should be acclimated.. AZ sun is no joke.
Bad sunburn will “knock you back” a month at least.... and THAT’S for the specimens that DON’T die...

Learn from my mistakes. 🤓🤓
I just got the tree in the mail today and it's still damp from when they sent it a week ago. So it's fresh out of the box and I don't want to destroy it's poor soul.
I made the mistake of rotating my greenhouse so it would get evening sun and it roasted my baby wisterias to a crisp so I'm hoping they'll bounce back. I forgot to put up my sun filter shade so I learned from that mistake as well.
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