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NW Oregon
I got this pot in a trade that had a nice little RMJ in it. The tree has since moved on and I kept the pot. The guy I got it from says it was a very expensive pot from Europe. I can't remember who he said who made it, the name escapes me at the moment. Either way, the signature doesn't look like the name I was told.

Any ideas? Looks like Ian????

Thanks for the help!

Ian Baillie of "Pots by Baillie"

Elvingston Cottage
By Gladsmuir
East Lothian EH33 1EH

01875 852887

No website that I could find, but pretty broad references to him in the UK bonsai pottery scene.

I believe contact email is
Excellent detective work Greg! Thanks for the help. The pot itself is of excellent quality and is very nice. One of the nicer pots that I have, right up there with Tokoname...

Thanks again, Jason
Could you show a side/profile pic of this pot?
For Boondock and Reddog

As requested here are more photos of the pot. Hope this helps you guys! It is a nice pot and I am very happy to have it sitting on my shelve.....need a tree for it! :D

Thanks, Jason




When I saw the first picture, I was very interested in the feet. I thought they were applied, but now that I've seen more pictures, I think the feet were trimmed into a ring, and then cut out.

BUT, the thing that most interests me in this pot, is the oxide wash giving it its almost maroon color, I wonder if he used Crocus Martis? (AKA, Spanish Oxide, Purple Iron Oxide, Mars Violet or Caput Mortuum) You can see where he brushed the sides of the feet, leaving brush marks on the bottom, very honest and simple. Buts it's not the color that strikes me, it's the method the potter used to apply the oxide. The oxide wash is brushed on. I also like the ring of darker wash directly above the foot rail, and at the lip, I wonder if he used two coats of the same oxide or another oxide like cobalt, or manganese? Every time I have attempted to brush an oxide, I always have brush marks. I have tried using very very thin washes and applying them in several coats, using different brush directions.

It looks like he applied the wash in a single coat. I wonder if he applied them to bone dry greenware, or bisque?

Thanks for the additional photos, but these images just raise alot of questions for me.

I am inspired however, and I think I will attempt to brush an oxide on a bone dry greenware pot, in a single coat, and then fire to cone 6 as an experiment, since I have not tried brushing it on greenware.

I emailed Ian, with a link to this thread, asking the questions I posed. Maybe he'll respond.....
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