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Hi there,

I am new to this art of Bonsai, but I am very interested! I already went outside and collected small young trees and cuttings that I am trying to keep alive so I can make great Bonsai specimens from them. Before these guys can be bonsai I wanted to have something to experiment with, so I got myself this “mallsai”, it is a sageretia. Since I bought it I have given it a root-cutting, some fresh soil and pruned it. It was very out-of-shape with long branches and dense foliage at the top.

After reading various websites and forums I learned that the bottom branches should be longer and bigger than the top branches to create a triangle. This is what is wanted to achieve when I was pruning it. You can see the result in the picture. As you can see I am also trying to let the young branch on the right grow to the right-side and become a bigger branch. I have the same goal for the smaller branch that is 2 cm above it.

I know the sageretia is a indoor-bonsai but I am trying to keep it outdoors al long as possible, when the winter kicks in I probably will bring it inside.

Any of u guys guys got any comment on my pruning, and or other things?? Comments arre greatly appreciated…



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