I told myself I wouldn't do this...


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Syracuse, NY
but, I couldn't resist.



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a couple more.


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What a great trunk! What species of juniper is this. I can't tell...
Thanks Ryan, I'm not sure about the variety, but it is one of the more coarse juni's. Long thin shoots seem to be the norm, with a hint of juvenile folliage mixed in a bit. Also, I had to remove everything but the biggest wire, as it had been left on the tree to long and was cutting in bad in some areas. But all in all, I'm happy with the purchase, and it should give me plenty of opportunity to practice over the next few years.

Nice dave! Have fun with this tree, looks like it has lots of potential. I like the size of the trunk.
Can you tell us more about your tree? Is it collected material? Nursery material? How long have you been growing it out? Looking foward to its progression. Keep us posted:cool:
Nice dave! Have fun with this tree, looks like it has lots of potential. I like the size of the trunk.
Can you tell us more about your tree? Is it collected material? Nursery material? How long have you been growing it out? Looking foward to its progression. Keep us posted:cool:

Duane, thanks a bunch.:) As far as more about this tree goes, well... I bought it on Sunday at the National Exhibit 2010. After spending Most of Saturday in the vendor area, and watching Marco's demo, (which was fantastic) I decided I wasn't going to buy a tree. I already have a bunch of material, and I was mostly looking for wire, tools and pots. I collect alot of my own material, so I never feel pressured to aquire stock, this has allowed me to be patient and choose carefully.

Anyhow, halfway through the Kubio Kobayashi demo on Sunday, (again fantastic) I decided to take another stroll through the vendors tables. Low and behold, the guys who were running Doug Paul's (maintainer of the Kennett Square Collection) put a couple trees up on the table as I was walking by.

He tells me some guy early Saturday asked him to hold this tree and another and he would be back later to pay. Well, Sunday afternoon rolls around, and the guy never showed so back on the table they went. Talk about the right place at the right time.

To his recollection this was a demo tree done by either Marco or Suthin at an event some time ago. The tree isn't the best species of juniper, and I imagine it sat out of the way neglected for a couple years. I got what I think is the deal of the century, and it is coming with me to a Ted Matson workshop this Saturday.

I have discovered the new planting angle that I believe the tree was initially styled based upon. It is killer, I have no doubt that the story of the tree's origin is "mostly" accurate. Suthin and Marco have both worked for Mr. Paul, so perhaps the tree wasn't styled at a demo, but most likely worked on by one of them.

I am wicked excited, by the way. I am going to hold aff on showing pictures of the new planting angle, until the demo this weekend. I will post a full update then. Thanks for the interest.

Awesome score! Thanks for the info. Must've been a great weekend with all that going on & bringing home a killer tree. I will definitely keep an eye on this thread.
Thanks Duane, man..I really can't help myself...here is a little sneak peak. Hope you like it.

Hello HotAction.....Congratulations.. This looks to be excellent material....I cannot wait to see it after the demo.. Please post as soon as it is done...

Rob, thanks I can't wait. Just realized I had too much to drink last night and never put up the teaser picture. It isn't at the exact angle I intend to work with, but it gives you an idea of what I see.


(couldn't wait anymore)


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Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself at the National Exhibit.

Based on the photos you posted, I can see what attracted you to this juniper. Looks like good material with plenty of potential.

The foliage reminds me of a Parson's juniper.


I look forward to seeing how you and Ted approach this material.

Well, I'm not quite finished yet, but here is a quick update. Ted Matson initially thought this was a prostrata, but he decided the smart money was on Hollywood juniper. (I've never even heard of it) It has it's share of quirks that can certainly frustrate any bonsai artist from what I gather, but Ted says it has a tendency to have nice "muscley" trunks, so I'll try to make the best of it and get some good practice in along the way.

I gave up for the day, as I don't think i can handle anymore pricks to the forearm. (Why the hell did I think a juni would be a good idea) I'll probably get after it a bit more tomorrow.



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Looks like a very nice start. Just out of curiosity, did you need the Bud Light and Tums to help get you through the styling? ;)
Well at least you're not married.....I didn't really say that did I.

I like the direction you're going on this tree as well. If it is a Hollywood , gfeat. I've never understand why no one ever uses them any more , myself included.
New Pot

got this potted and pruned abit over the weekend. It is starting to come along.



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last pic was from the phone, this one should be better.


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Just waiting till it starts growing really strongly before I re-style. Last year it took major root work to remove the old field clay from the root ball. I expect it to be ready for more work this fall.
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