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strathclyde, scotland
I have just had some double good news. A friend who works for the local roads department has just informed me of a new cycle path being built near by. 6 miles of trees about 20 years old that have been cut back to a few inches twice in there life and cut back to 1.5 feet every 4 years loads of potentially good material !!! My friend also asked if i could remove 200 metres of privet hedging wich before he moved in had not been cut for over 30 years and he cut down to around 6 inches 3 years ago thinking this might kill it. Loads more potentially good material. Now the questions. I have a part share in a field how would i go a bout digging a large bed in a manner to best bring these trees on in a bonsai direction soil type depth etc ?? and how long would i need to nurture them before i could sell them on as stock ??
Start by renting a bobcat, waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to much digging even for a stapping kid.
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