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Louisville, KY
...name that tree! I dug up a small tree from my mom's land in Kentucky this spring and I think it may be in the elm family (elm, zelkova, beech, etc). The leaf is definitely something like that, however, I can't find the exact match. Anyone care to guess?


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It might be a mulberry. They are mildly invasive down there.
I don't think it's a birch due to the bark. The way it was coming out when I chopped it looked a lot like a beech that I have in my collection. The leaves certainly do look a lot like a birch, but birch~=zelkova~=hornbeam in terms of leaves.

I believe the leaves will be this size when hardened off. The one in the pic is pretty much hardened off.

I know mulberrys and this is not it. They aren't on my mom's property. BTW, this was growing under much larger trees, and thus rather struggling.

I think it's between two trees--american hornbeam and zelkova. Both are in KY per the state extension office. The leaves aren't lobed enough for a beech.
it is not beech, hornbeam or velkova. My guess is that it is certainly elm... whether it is American or Slippery I am not sure. The leaf size alone would seem to eliminate Winged Elm...but that is also a possibility. One other outside shot would be hop hornbeam, but I don't think the bark is quite right on this one.

I hope it grows well for you!
Isn't the hop hornbeam the american hornbeam? I thought I saw that somewhere...

As you can tell, it's REALLY liking it's new home in my rock garden! (when I took the stump, there was NO growth on it...)
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Isn't the hop hornbeam the american hornbeam? I thought I saw that somewhere...

nope...not even the same genus
American Hornbeam

Not that it matters though bc I am 98% sure your tree is an elm...it is just very difficult to name the exact variety from a photo.

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