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Fresno, CA
I just finished my new greenhouse for my new house. I don't have a ton of space but I did get the whole side yard to do whatever I wanted with. All that's left is to tack up the plastic tomorrow. Thought I'd post it and see what you guys think.

I wanted to see what kind of recommendations you guys might have for heat for cuttings and seedlings. I have roommates so I don't to run up the bill with heat mats or lamps. I've been reading about using vegetable oil lamps to help keep them temperature up. I wanted to see if anybody had any experience with something like this.


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I do and it wasn't good. There's not enough control in this style of "greenhouse".
Can you say what part of the country you're in?
What type of plastic or siding are you going to use?

I bought a cheap greenhouse at Harbor Freight about this size or just smaller. It worked alright, but I got a ton of mold growing. Dont know if I could do anything about that?

I'd be really intersted to hear about the veg oil lamp idea. Sounds a bit dangerous, but a good idea.
Im in California. We don't get really cold winters, but some nights can get pretty cold and I have lot of cuttings that I need to keep warm plus I plan on starting some seedlings in the spring. I'm using a multi-use vinyl that I got a hold of that said one of its uses were greenhouses.
I read about people in the UK using kerosene lamps to warm greenhouses, but I wonder if they were a lot larger. Right now the oil lamp seems to be working. I propped an old pie plate above it to keep water out but mainly as a more efficient way to radiated the heat. The only issue I'm having is that the wick seems to burn down relatively quickly and I have to raise it every so often. Hopefully I can work the kinks out of it before the nights get too cold.
heat mats are your best bet with what you have, and do not cost that much to run. you want bottom heat for cuttings and seedlings, and a heat mat will put warm in the root zones.
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