Schinus Terebnthifolius project


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Lima, Peru
After one year, having acquired it as a bargain and having received it in pretty bad shape, this little tree already looks nice enough to enliven my workspace, and it certainly is nice company. I think it is growing in good health, and on its way to becoming a pretty respectable miniature tree. When it got to my hands it was a messy blob which had been quite abandoned for quite a while in a retail shop, it was not growing and its roots were full of worms. While I helped it heal I gradually identified the branches the original bonsai grower had created, and pruned off those that were not part of his or her design. The second branch is new; it will need time to grow as thick as the others, and probably the tip will have to grow as a longer sacrificial branch until the desired base diameter is reached, but I think that second branch will help the style be a bit more balanced, a bit less "bunjin". I am most grateful for all the generous advice I have found in this forum.

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