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I have a question. I've been into Bonsai, and have given demos on Bonsai, and have referred to other clubs and people on Bonsai, so my question is where do I go from here, my approach to Bonsai may not and is not in the traditional approach to Bonsai. But I would like to know how should I handle the overwhelming questions for me to teach Bonsai. But i look onto my peers and seniors for this question. Thanks for all answers,
Do you want to make money at it, or do you just want to teach it. If the first . . . good luck!

If the second, start a Bonsai Study Group, perhaps beginning with members from your local general bonsai club, and put together a formal curriculum you can use to guide the group for a year. I've found you learn as much as your "students" do. In future years, you build on the first year, or your curriculum can be guided by what group members ask for.
Having a brain cramp on the name, BCI I think, has a downloadable booklet, and an avenue to be set up as a teacher. Try them and see if it isn't the society, hopefully thier info will put you in the right direction. Try PM rockm he is/was a teacher/ambassador for one of the clubs if not the one I am thinking about.
You might want to look into the American Bonsai Society's Mentor program:

As Bill noted, the program will pair you with a student online and you can collaborate on trees, advice, etc. I've participated in the program as a mentor. It was a lot of fun and I received more knowledge than I gave away. No, there is no payment, other than the experience itself. It is a ton of fun though. Makes you see your trees and approach completely differently.

If you're looking to teach professionally, you're going up against some pretty stiff competition that has been trained abroad. You will not be very marketable on the national circuit of club invites/shows/etc. as given a choice between someone who trained themselves in the backyard and an instructor who has spent five years in apprenticeship in Japan--people will look to get the most out of their workshop money...There are more than a few bonsai teachers out there that struggle to make ends meet. You really have to LOVE it and make it pretty much your entire life (while lobbying for a slot at a Japanese bonsai master's apprenticeship).

It's not clear what you're after, and maybe that is what you have to determine before you can decide what you want to do.
I was and still am interested in getting more people aware and interested in Bonsa, the monetary value of this venture falls later, way later.
Then volunteer at youth groups, senior centers, garden clubs, wherever there are people looking for activities.
If you have a nice nursery in your area, put on a one-man show and include a demonstration of what bonsai is. That may even get you a few students -- and the nursery some business.
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