Tridents, Jap Maples, Redwoods, etc.

Brian Underwood

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Santa Rosa, CA
Hi guys, my name is Brian and I sell mostly on Ebay. Yes, I know most of you despise ebay sellers, but on occasion I have some higher quality stuff for decent prices. Its at least worth a look every once in a while. I don't claim to have the best of the best, so please, go easy on me!

Some of the items I have up for sale that may be of interest to some of you are; Field grown tridents, japanese maples, flowering cherries, coast live oaks (planted from acorns in 1975), collected coast redwoods, Jim Barrett handmade pottery, a few Jim Gremel pots, and I have some stands and scrolls currently in the works...

The high quality field grown stuff only goes up every once in a while, since it is a higher upfront cost to me. I will ship anywhere in the United States via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. I also take requests if someone is looking for something specific. Thanks for looking, -=Brian=-


A previous SOLD Trident maple field grown stock tree;
Jeez. Once again I'm kicking myself that I don't just sell a half dozen of my trees on Ebay and retire.
You should! Its fun! Though with Paypal and Ebay fees, as well as shipping materials and labor, your profit goes down a bit... But still usually worth it in the end.
Big Elm "Show Tree"

Hi everyone. I have this interesting triple trunk corkbark elm up for auction. This is a tree that belongs to a friend of mine, and it has been in a few REBS shows over the years. Could use a little work, but thats the fun part! Its in a very old Jim Barrett pot, and I have never seen another like it (signed, 1980). Should be a fun auction, enjoy! -=Brian=-


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