Undercutting branches


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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
When undercutting a branch to bring it down, how far through the branch do you need to cut? Are there any special techniques? I am working on a juniper which has a branch that's growing up at about 45 degrees and is too thick to bring down with wire.

Cheers, Steve.
Hi Steve. looking at this post #9 should help. The pictures are missing because of the Bnut meltdown. However the text should answer enough questions.
Mmmm, interesting Tachici. Being a juniper may make it risky by the sounds of it. I will have to take another look and see what other options I have. If the branch dies I would have to be able to make something with what's left.

Time to sit down with a beer and contemplate.

Cheers, Steve.
Steve, one last thing on that article. While Colin advises against doing this to junipers because the callous draws back as it heals. "If" you take that into account when doing this procedure your efforts can work by doing the wedge deep enough for the callous retreat. It will bind, just as grafts bind on a juniper.....So there is an excuse to
sit down with a beer and contemplate
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