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Salt Lake CIty Utah
Have a great Christmas!

I am offering the following deals:
1. Hanshi sized scrolls $75.00 (includes s&H in the US and a Jikusaki & Kakehimo upgrade)
2. Yatsugiri sized scrolls for $95.00 (Same deal on the shipping and Upgrades)
3. Joufuku sized scrolls for $150.00 (Same deal on the Shipping and Upgrades)

I will work with you to get a seasonal phrase for the special bonsai in your collection. I have a Japanese book published by the Japanese Calligraphy Society that provides hundreds of seasonal phrases. I will get ideas from looking at the tree you would like to display and the idea or image you want to project.

One project I am working on for my workshop at Bonsai in the Bluegrass is a scroll with the phrase 百花春至 This means a Hundred Blooming Flowers Signals Spring. See attached Picture.

After selecting the phrase, I will get a consultation with a Bonsai Display School in Japan. (No it is not 景道Keidou...and I am sick of hearing that word anyway.) The aesthetic of this school is just as beautiful and their displays have graced museums thoughout the Kansai region. This display master will help me to select a 金襴Kinran and 緞子donsu or 布nuno to convey the proper season.

What are 軸先Jikusaki and 掛け・巻き紐kake/makihimo? They are the endcaps and hanging/tying strings of the scroll. I have access to import wood, bone, ceramic, ivory, glass and gold adornments.

If you are interested e-mail me at sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com and I will send to you an 11 page scroll design workbook that will detail and give ideas for designing the scroll and looks at things from the framers perspective as well as the bonsai display perspective.


Jonathan Maples
Custom Japanese Calligraphy
545 West 600 North
St. George UT 84770


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