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Looking at your avatar picture: are you karate (Shorin Ryu) practitioner? Just curious. I am Goju Ryu guy but follow Noah Legel's blog/FB whom I believe is Shorin Ryu.
I am an owner of a 75 year old Pinion Pine collected bonsai also three Bristle cone pine bonsai alonf with a few Ponderosa pine from 75 years old to over 100 years. all growing without little help from me.
Great roots and awesome candles every year.
Hey Joe, Mike Downey here. I'd be interested in a few of the zelcovas if you want. Did you collect them?
Has anyone heard of using a refrigerated greenhouse to allow alpine species, like white pine, spruce, etc., to go through dormancy in places like Southern Florida? It's such a shame never to be able to enjoy a ponderosa pine or lodgepole down here. Cost aside, maybe two or three months in a refrigerated room or container, possibly with grow lights to allow a bit of photosynthesis would do the trick. Thoughts?
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Adair M
Adair M
I’m not going to say it can’t be done, after all Seaworld has a penguin display.

But it’s totally impractical.
Bonsai Nut
Bonsai Nut
Several years ago I heard of a nursery up near Big Bear, CA that would allow you to overwinter trees that you would not normally be able to keep in Southern California due to winter requirements. I have no idea if the place still exists, and no more information other than one of my bonsai study group members heard about it. People certainly send their trees to bonsai masters to be cared for at their nurseries.
Hi quiet observer. I was wondering what type of 3336 granular fungicide do you use. There is the 3336EG and the 3336DG and there seems to be a difference between the two. I was just wanting to get the correct one. Thank you for your help.
Hi Leo, Thank you for you input on the fungicide. Do you use the granular form or the liquid form? Your application protocol sound like you use the liquid form. I thought the liquid form was only a foliar spray. I was wanting to order some but do not know which type to get for bonsai culture. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
do you still have any pots for sale? Im just starting out and need some small ones and maybe one medium
Woow, what's up with ur avatar man, very interesting animation :D :p
Hi Greg, last night I put up 3 pics of a pyracantha on a 4 page thread (is that the correct term?) about them and don't see them today. Or any 4 pages about pyracantha's. Could this be something about the adjustments you've been making?
Bonsai Nut
Bonsai Nut
No... I have not done anything that would have deleted / edited someone's posts.
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Hey I seen that you are the go to guy when it comes to Mugo pines. Im pretty new to the bonsai world. Ive read a few books and watched TONS of youtube videos. i recently bought a Mugo the other day and i have read on here about putting them into a colander. So today i went to lowes and bought a pond basket and some bonsai soil from the local nursey. should i wait to put the tree into the colander or now? and how?
Read the info vance provided more then a dozen times regarding repotting, mugo get repotted in summer so wait until next summer with repotting is what he probably will say!
In the meanwhile just make sure your pot/soil your mugo is curently in doesnt stay soaking wet all the time.

Heres a resource with all things vance teaches us about the mugo pine
I'm leaving the Philippines, returning to the States, alone, around 10/10/18. Not sure of plans beyond that, or if I will continue with bonsai or BNut. I've made many fine friends here, and I will miss you ... but may come visit some of you in person finally, since one possible plan is to buy an RV and just travel around visiting people and places I've always liked. Well see. A Dios. G52.
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